Urbin Report

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

It's hard to get a refund when the salesman is humping your leg and howling at the moon.

There are occasions where someone makes a statement so batshit crazy it leaves you wondering what reality they are living in. It's certainly not the one sane people inhabit.

For example, I saw the following posted the OT political section of a RPG forum.

We don't stoop to their level (Gitmo style).

Ok, so what this person is saying here is that in his world the two following scenarios are morally the same.
Guantanamo Bay, where captured Islamofacists are given "culturally sensitive food", and US Taxpayer supplied Korans (which they flush down their toilets in one of their milder methods to annoy their guards). In one case, one of the islamofacists was forced to wear a bra, roll over and then sit up and beg. Hmmm...that sounds like a slow night in a ZooMass fratt house.

al-Qa'eda jihadists kidnapping innocent civilians and then while their captives are bound and helpless, they hack their heads off with a dull knife. The whole barbaric act is captured on film so it can be shown to their folks at home on Al-Jazeera.