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Sunday, July 24, 2005

A Gap more people need to mind...

Bill Dannenmaier has a damn good column on Rights and how they are viewed by different elements of society.

My supposition is that if we were to ask any of these wealthy hypocrites why they have armed bodyguards when they oppose the right of average citizens to own guns, that they would respond that their prominence requires it. But prominence is a matter of degree. To a teen-aged thug, a decently dressed man or woman with $50 and a credit card is prominent enough, even if such people are peasants to the wealthy - those peasants don’t need protection.

The true problem is the gap of understanding between the wealthy gun control advocates who can afford special protection and those honest citizens who need to protect themselves at a minute’s notice when they know that police help, at best, is a half-hour or longer away. Provided, of course, that the endangered citizen has time to telephone for help. I don’t know if that gap results from ignorance or is pure hypocrisy.

In a way, the continuing gun control controversy is much like the prohibition problem in Oklahoma in the fifties and sixties. It was the belief of many that prohibitionists and bootleggers were united in their efforts to prevent the legal sale of alcoholic beverages. In gun control, those who can afford private alarm systems and bodyguards are united with criminals in their desire to keep guns out of the hands of honest citizens.

Go read the whole thing.