Urbin Report

Friday, July 22, 2005

Do they want to be a serious political party again?

Via today's Washington Times Inside Politics column comes the words of New York Times Columnist David Brooks:

"This is going to be the first Supreme Court confirmation battle of the age of the blogger. Already the liberal interest groups, amplified by the [leftist] blogs, are rolling out the old warhorse rhetoric. Already they've begun distorting Roberts' record, selectively quoting from his opinions and insisting the Senate maintain the balance of the court (which never matters when a Democrat is president)."
"I suspect the Democratic elites would rather skip this fight because it has all the makings of a political loser. Anybody who is brilliant during Supreme Court grillings, as Roberts is, will be impressive at confirmation hearings. He is modest and likeable, and has done pro bono work on behalf of the environment, parental rights and minorities.
"But the Democratic elites no longer run the party. The outside interest groups and the donors do, and they need this fight. It's why they exist. Hillary Clinton and the other Democratic hopefuls will have to choose between the militant wing of the party, important in the primary season, and the nation's mainstream center, which the party needs if it is to regain its majority status. It will be a defining and momentous vote."