Urbin Report

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A couple of Scouting notes...

First off, two crews from my son's Scout troop should have arrived in Philmont today. A bit of orientation, collect their gear and food, then off for 70 miles over ten days. Starting at 6,000 feet (elevation of base camp), hitting 3 peaks (just over 8,000 feet, 11,711 feet and finally 9,003 at the Tooth of Time) before returning to the base camp. It's the same trek we did two years ago. They should have a great time.

Second, my sincere condolences to the families of the people accidentally killed at the Jamboree.

Third, major kudos to the US Senate! Mark from Mexico reports:

The Senate voted 98-0 to allow the Boy Scouts of America to continue using military bases for their Jamboree, which they hold every 4 years. It also terminates or reduces federal funds to any state agency that denies the Scouts equal access to public facilities, forum, or programs. It appears to be a direct slap in the face to the ACLU and a challenge to "see you in court."

Update: The legistation in question is Senate Amendment 1342.