Urbin Report

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

At least he's honest, guilty as sin, but honest and unremorseful about his actions.

Mohammed Bouyeri told a Dutch Court today, "I take complete responsibility for my actions. I acted purely in the name of my religion." This was his statement after confessing to the brutal murder of Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh. Van Gogh's crime against Mohammed Bouyeri's religion, he made a film pointing out the inhuman treatment of women by Islamic fundamentalists.

In Mohammed Bouyeri's judgement, this was enough for him to shoot Van Gogh fifteen times, stab him, and then slit his throat. (so much for strick Dutch gun control).

Other comments made by Mohammed Bouyeri at his trial:

"I can assure you that one day, should I be set free, I would do exactly the same, exactly the same."

"I cannot feel for you ... because I believe you are an infidel."

"I acted out of conviction -- not because I hated your son."

"I cannot accuse your son of hypocrisy because he was not a hypocrite. He said things out of conviction."