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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Alphecca's Weekly check on anit-firearm bias in the media is up.

Check here for the whole thing.
He has some great quotes by Glenn Reynolds:

"I think we really need to look at the right to gun ownership as a human right. And the UN was formed, in no small part, in order to ensure that we never again have a genocide, like what we saw in the Holocaust [note: Hitler disarmed all the Jews before rounding them up --js] and in fact we decided to protect against it with international law. We got a convention on genocide which was signed by such nations as Cambodia, the Congo, and Rwanda, all of which have been sites of some of the greatest genocides in the 2nd half of the 20th century. The UN, in each case, did nothing and in the case of Rwanda was in fact complicit. And as a result, the notion of relying on international law to protect us from genocide seems pretty dubious. In every case the international community just stood aside and did nothing except offer tea-and-sympathy when it was all done.

What we need to do, instead, is think about things that actually prevent genocide. And there is a lot of evidence that armed populaces are not generally subject to genocide because -- and this is so obvious that it shouldn't require explanation -- it's harder to kill people [armed] with guns. And if we don't think of mass-murder and genocide as good things then we ought to make it harder to kill people.

The UN is actually proposing a ban on civilian ownership of small arms (including revolvers, self-loading pistols and semi-automatic rifles) because of large number of civilian deaths. Gee, that sounds real nice until you find out that those massive numbers of civilian deaths were cause by governments using small arms on unarmed populations! Amnesty International is also jumping on this bandwagon, stating that they don't want to "empower the victims to create a climate of retaliation." Damn! That sounds like the reasoning used by US gun grabber, and Christian pacifist, Josh Sugarman, who views a woman defending herself against a rapist as a deplorable an act of violence as the rape itself. He can't stop the rapist, so he works to make sure the rape victim is less able to defend herself. Mr. Reynolds made this "on target" statement about the Amnesty International position.
Yes, [empowering people is] exactly right! But they're not really about justice and they're not really about preventing genocide and I think they unfortunately made that quite plain. Some in the international community are far more interested in feathering their own nest than then they are in protecting people. That's disappointing, it's a big disappointment to me, but the evidence speaks for itself.

There's more, so stop by and read the whole thing!