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Monday, June 13, 2005

What really drives Democrat protests against Iraq

By way of Dissecting Leftism:

When the left was trying to undermine America’s will to liberate the Iraqi people and remove Saddam Hussein – the genocidal, terrorist linchpin in the world of Arab/Islamic atrocities – the obstructionists offered an ever-changing line of “reasoning.”

First they argued that it was “morally wrong” to remove the leader of a sovereign nation. When that argument failed to gain traction, the line became that the President could not act without Congressional approval. When the President gained the overwhelming approval of the Congress, the tack changed to a demand for United Nations’ authority. When the Security Council came back with a unanimous decision in favor of the coalition, the strategy changed once again, with the left suddenly screaming that America cannot go to war unless it faced an “imminent threat of attack.”

All of these efforts, of course, were disingenuous. Clearly, if the Democrats truly believed it was “wrong” to remove the leader of a sovereign nation they would have been marching in the streets screaming “No Blood For Sex” when the previous president launched wars against Bosnia and Kosovo to remove from power the sovereign leader, Slobodan Milosevic.

And if their protestations were based on their true “values,” the left would have been chanting “Clinton is Hitler” when he went to war without Congressional approval or UN sanction in order to defeat nations that were not only not an “imminent” threat to America but were no threat to America at all.
"Why did the Democrats support Clinton's multiple wars in the Balkans where so little was at stake and nothing to be gained, and why do they continue to employ every conceivable lie they can muster to obstruct the liberation of the Iraqi people and the spread of democracy throughout the Middle East? The answer can be found in the Democratic Party itself - dominated, as it has been for the last several decades by "multiculturalists" who believe that democracy is in no way superior to any other form of government, including fascist dictatorships. Multiculturalists believe that all people, cultures, religions and forms of government are equally good and equally right. This is why Democrats so adore the United Nations, where genocidal dictatorships and free-and-open democracies are offered equal prestige and equal power, and why we are admonished to "celebrate diversity" as if all differences - genocide and tolerance for example - are equally worthy of celebration".

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