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Thursday, June 23, 2005

There is no crying in Politics!

One of the commentators to this Ann Althouse post made the link of Hardball Politics to Tom Hanks' famous line from A League of Their Own.
To the meat of the subject, Ms. Althouse saw the Durbin "apology" on TV and found it...icky.
To quote a damn good politican, the late Massachusetts democrat Tip O'Neil, "All politics is local."
One of Ms. Althouse's readers points out that a democrat of a different stripe, Dick Durbin forgot this:

Durbin is of Lithuanian descent. I don't know whether he's first generation ... or whether his grandparents arrived during the World War I wave. Durbin spent great energy courting the Lithuanian community in Chicago. Many Lithuanians fell under his spell and, for the first time, voted Democratic (those who emigrated in the late 1940s and early 1950s often voted Republican because they perceived that party as more anti-Communist).

I suspect Durbin's comparison of Gitmo to the Gulag and Concentration Camps tastes particularly sour to this community, which was pinched on one side by the Russians and on the other by the Germans. My dad--who rushed to Kroch's & Brentano's in Chicago when the first bootleg Russian copies of The Gulag Archipelago became available in this country--must have rolled over in his grave. My mother, whose best friend's husband froze to death during a seventeen-year stint in Siberia, is still spitting.

Oddly enough, this post wasn't quoted on Instapundit...