Urbin Report

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Kofi-Kojo Connection

Captain Ed points out:

For months, Kofi Annan has denied any connection between the UN Oil-for-Food contractor and himself through his son Kojo. The Secretary-General has gone so far as to state that he never met with Cotecna on OFF business and only had the most general of information from his son. However, Cotecna has found an e-mail that indicates their executives did indeed meet with Kofi, making his earlier denials look more and more suspicious...

So it appears that Kofi has not been honest with investigators to this point. No one with a brain believed his denials anyway, but this confirms that he has lied about his association with Cotecna and the role his son played in getting the Oil-For-Food contract. Kofi, Kojo, and Cotecna appear to have participated in a broad cover-up of the Secretary-General's role in ensuring his son's company controlled the Oil-for-Food program.

HT to Mr. Reynolds