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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Another myth set straight

My friend Doug tears into the myth that US military recruiters "target" minorities.
Doug is a veteran of the US Army (Thanks Doug!), and during his time in the Green Machine completed not only Airborne and Air Assault training, but also Sniper training. He also claims to be the only member of the active duty military to have voted for Mondale in 1984.

The majority of people in Army combat units are white. Minorities tend to join for job skill training and college opportunities, whites more for the adventure and experience. I state this as a former infantryman. Every infantry unit I was in had more white guys than other races. But our support units looked like the bloody UN.

So yes, decry the overly aggressive recruiters who are crossing far too many lines in trying to fill the ranks, but don't play the damn race card when it isn't warranted.

Take the time to read the comments, some of the folks chiming in include a woman currently serving in the US Army in Iraq, another is currently US Army with 21 years of service completed, and another also active duty military.