Urbin Report

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Why they blew the Socialist Weasel up.

One of the highlights of Team America: World Police is where Michael Moore emulates his heros and blows himself up.

Matt Parker and Trey Stone have not been happy with Moore for awhile.

What he did that made us a little angry is he put an animation in right after my piece in Bowling in Columbine that is very South Park-esque in its look. And I think 99% of the people who saw Bowling for Columbine think Trey and I did that animation.

We strongly believe in guns. So then he kind of did it anyway. So then later when he did Fahrenheit 911, people were like, well, Michael Moore kind of lies and manipulates to make people think certain things. We’re, like, personal victims of that. So we basically decided to make him into a puppet and blow him up.

I mean, he didn?t explicitly say, “Matt and Trey did this animation.” But he made it look like it. And that’s what he does in his movies. He uses two images together and creates meaning where there isn’t none.