Urbin Report

Monday, May 02, 2005

When he's right he's right...

Ace on the sheer dorkiness of Fantasy Baseball:

Baseball Fantasy Leagues are just D&D for craven dorks who don't have the courage to stat-up their own characters. You may think you're "cool" for being in a baseball fantasy league, because it's sports related.

No, it's very uncool. Boil it down, and you're still just talking about the Armor Class of Randy Johnson's fastball, or Barry Bond's saving throw against taking a strike on the inside corner.

Admit what you are. Stop jackassing around with infantile hero-worship and childish stats-mongering and level-up to a MAN's game -- Dungeons and Dragons. Or, if you're mainly in all this for the stats, GURPS or RoleMaster.

The only thing he's got wrong is that they should be playing Traveller, not D&D.