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Monday, May 09, 2005

Speaking of the lefties loosing it...

By way of Mr. Harris, Larry Elder points out:

"George Washington University professor Lee Sigelman looked at 22 years of survey data collected by University of Chicago's National Opinion Research Center. Overall, he found Democrats less affluent, more distrustful, more sickly and more suicidal, and thus doomed to an earlier death. In short, Democrats as a class -- like smokers -- have, uh, issues....

"[L]ast year's "Primetime Live" sex survey... found Republicans, more than Democrats, to be satisfied with their sex lives, more likely to wear something sexy to entice their partner and more likely to be in a committed relationship, in which they claim to be very satisfied. The survey also found that Republicans are less likely to cheat on their partner or to fake orgasms. No wonder Democrats are unhappy, unhealthy and anti-social."

This is no surprise to me. I said a while back:
The lefties still have these bizarre ideas like "Republicans only like missionary style, in the dark, in order to make babies, because they really don't like sex." Where the reality is that Ann Coulter would kill Bill Clinton. He'd die happy, but she would be beating on his corpse yelling, "That's it?!!? That's just like you damn liberals! All talk, no action!"

I'll bet it is no surprise to the Right Wing Sparkle either.