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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

"Oh, like funking US Constitution 101 every kept anybody out of office..."

I said that, but it's hardly an original concept.

Today's example comes from Say Anything Blog.
Aaron gives a lesson in US Constitution 101 to Senator Schumer (HCI-NY)

He corrects the only Senator from New York on just what Constitutional Checks and Balances are and why the Senate filibuster does not count as one.

In other words, “checks and balances” has nothing to do with the inner workings of the Senate, but rather it has to do with the relationship between the Senate [and the House] and the other two branches of the Federal Government.

Take the time to read the Constitution, and you will find that it says nothing about the filibuster.

Aaron sums up the democrat's argument quite nicely:
Next time you hear someone claim that banning the filibuster of judicial nominees in the Senate somehow upsets the concept of “checks and balances”, you now know they’re simply hoping for an ignorant audience.