Urbin Report

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Left's Loophole

Let's look at the so-called "compromise" offered by the democrats in response to the Republicans threating to use the Byrd Option to end the liberal filibuster on the President's Judicial nominess.

Under the proposal, circulated in writing, Republicans would have to pledge no change through 2006 in the Senate's rules that allow filibusters against judicial nominees. For their part, Democrats would commit not to block votes on Bush's Supreme Court or appeals court nominees during the same period, except in extreme circumstances.

Emphasis added. Can you name one of the Judicial nominess the democrats appose that they haven't called extreme?
It's a great deal for the dems. They can hold the Republicans to their promise not change Senate rules while they decide that every Judical nominee they don't like is extreme and continue to block them from an up and down vote.