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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I sometimes hate it when I'm right...

Back on the 18th, I pointed out the loophole in the democrat's so-called "compromise" offer.
From the written proposal by the dems:

For their part, Democrats would commit not to block votes on Bush's Supreme Court or appeals court nominees during the same period, except in extreme circumstances.

Which prompted me to point out:
Can you name one of the Judicial nominess the democrats appose that they haven't called extreme?
It's a great deal for the dems. They can hold the Republicans to their promise not change Senate rules while they decide that every Judical nominee they don't like is extreme and continue to block them from an up and down vote.

Now we have the latest "deal" and Jeff Goldstein is pointing out the same loophole in the current democrat attack on judicial nominees.
The deal: Senators have stated they will not filibuster except in “extraordinary circumstances.”

This is the agreement. This.

And here I was thinking that filibusters were only supposed to be used under “extraordinary circumstances” to begin with.

In exchange for this promise, moderate Republicans sold out Saad and Myers, who will not—NOT, not—receive up or down votes.

For more on why the democrats are attacking ABA rated "Well Qualified" judical nominees, look here, then take a look at a real extremist judge.