Urbin Report

Friday, May 20, 2005

File this under I'm not surprised

By way of Slashdot comes this Herald Sun Story that shows both "an unbelievable decline in computer science majors" and an "increasing demand for IT professionals."

If you are surprised by this, let us review some trends.
For example, a formerly large networking company I used to work for laid off nearly it's entire development staff, including Quality Assurance and most of it's Customer Service department.
All that work is now out sourced to companies outside the United States.
Another local networking company has two thirds of it's QA staff located outside the US.
Kids in college these days may spend a lot of time drunk, stoned and getting laid, but that doesn't mean they are stupid.

Here is a little industry insider insight, not only are there less jobs for US workers in the field, but a lot of those jobs are less attractive.
For example, instead of doing new development work (which is cool), you are under serious management pressure to fix crap code delivered by the lowest bidder out source company in Asia fast so the product can ship on time and the over paid executives can collect their bonuses (which isn't cool).

Odds are, those previously mentioned overpaid executives won't figure this one out until it effects their Lexus payments.