Urbin Report

Monday, May 16, 2005

A farewell to Trek

I freely admit it, I was a Star Trek fan since I was a kid in the '60s. Classic Trek is still the best in my book.
TNG was a good upgrade to the '80s. DS9 got good after they started doing what Babylon 5 did the season before.
ST:Lost in Space was Bloody Awful.

Then there was Enterprise. The Retro Pre-Kirk Star Trek. All the whimpy 24th Century geeks whined about all their toys going away.
Me on the hand, I liked it. Ya, I missed a lot of episodes. I just don't watch that much TV anymore. What I did see, I generally liked.
James Lilieks wrote a farewell to Star Trek that is sooo much better than anything I would write (no surprise there). Stop by, check it out, and lift a glass to the Great Bird of the Galaxy for a half century of memories.