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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

A couple of quick movie reviews.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, I have to say I appreciated this movie more than I enjoyed it.
It was a finely crafted film, and one fucked up way to tell a love story.
The cast was very good, and Elijah Wood played a weasel quite well.
One of the cool things was you had this really ground breaking technology and it was operated by people who made Dante Hicks and Randal Graves look professional.

The Aviator. I really liked this movie. You can almost forgive DiCaprio for some of the crap he made earlier for this film. He really was quite good at Hughes. He did a lot of research and it shows. Martin Scorsese, of course deserves a lion's share of credit for putting it all together. Cate Blanchett as Katharine Hepburn was brilliant. It was good to see John C. Reilly play something other than a husband with a cheating wife. Alan Alda and Alex Baldwin were deliciously evil. Alda as the Senator on the take playing the media like a fiddle and Baldwin as the oh so cool Juan Trippe. Kate Beckinsale just had to be on screen and look gorgeous, which so did so very well.

Before the Star Wars buzz dies...

It's announced that George Lucas, and Steven Spielberg have approved a script for a fourth Indiana Jones movie.

Why they blew the Socialist Weasel up.

One of the highlights of Team America: World Police is where Michael Moore emulates his heros and blows himself up.

Matt Parker and Trey Stone have not been happy with Moore for awhile.

What he did that made us a little angry is he put an animation in right after my piece in Bowling in Columbine that is very South Park-esque in its look. And I think 99% of the people who saw Bowling for Columbine think Trey and I did that animation.

We strongly believe in guns. So then he kind of did it anyway. So then later when he did Fahrenheit 911, people were like, well, Michael Moore kind of lies and manipulates to make people think certain things. We’re, like, personal victims of that. So we basically decided to make him into a puppet and blow him up.

I mean, he didn?t explicitly say, “Matt and Trey did this animation.” But he made it look like it. And that’s what he does in his movies. He uses two images together and creates meaning where there isn’t none.

Possible new Star Trek movie

According to an article in Trek Today, Rick Berman is making noise about a possible new Star Trek movie.

Quote of the Day

"Filipinos are a warm, gentle, caring, giving people," Avi says, "which is a good thing since so many of them carry concealed weapons." -- Cryptonomicom by Neal Stephenson

Why the democrats have gone quiet on Tom Delay...

It used to be the daily "Death Watch" soundbite on Doonesbury and Err America.
Lately, it's been pretty quiet. Could it be that the "hounding of Tom DeLay continues to backfire on House Democrats..."
Captain Ed thinks so.
He quotes this AP story that reviews a flurry of belated trip disclosures.

While most of the previously undisclosed trips occurred in 2004, some date back to the late 1990s. House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer recently disclosed 12 trips, the oldest dating back to 1997. ... Hoyer's undisclosed trips were nearly doubled by Rep. Ellen Tauscher, D-Calif., with 21. Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., reported 20 past trips and Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md. reported 13. ... Staff members for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., disclosed 11 prior trips, while staff members for DeLay, R-Texas, had 4. Rep. John Linder of Georgia, a former chairman of the House Republican campaign organization, belatedly filed 9 trips, as did Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif.

I called this a month ago.
The smoking gun there was a junket by Ohio democrat Stephanie Tubbs Jones, a member of the Ethics Committee.

It's that time again...

Carnival of Cordite #15

Monday, May 30, 2005

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Bravo Mr. Bray!

Boston Globe columnist and member of the Newspaper Guild, Hiawatha Bray, writes an open letter to Guild President Linda Foley.
He takes her to task for her allegations of the US Military having assassination policies against journalists.
Mr. Bray points out that Ms. Foley has failed to provide supporting evidence for her remarks, nor has she retracted them.
Here is a portion of Mr. Bray's open letter.

I spoke with you at 11:10 AM today by telephone; union secretary-treasurer Bernard Lunzer was also on the call.

When I told you that I would publish your response to me on the Internet, you declined further comment--except for the following: "I am not going to discuss this with you on the eve of Memorial Day weekend."

This remark strikes me as extremely odd. I can't think of a better time to redeem the honor of the US military by beginning a serious investigation of outrageous conduct on its part. If our soldiers are deliberately killing journalists, it's our duty to publicize it, so that such a terrible stain on our nation's integrity may be quickly cleansed.

If, as I believe, your charge is false, I can think of no better time to retract this slander.
I therefore call upon you to state clearly and unambiguously whether you believe that any branch of the US military or government has adopted a deliberate policy of targeting journalists in war zones. This is a simple question, easily answered. I can see no rational reason for you to hesitate about answering it.

At a time when the public's trust in the integrity of journalism is at a new low, our profession can't afford to encourage the perception that we're economical with the truth.

Read the whole thing.

HT to the Captain.

Check Flopping Aces for more details.

The Amnesty International floating scale...

Now, they have done good work. They kept one of my cousins off Robin Island.
One has to ask where they were when Hussein's government was chopping off people's hands at Abu Ghraib or Islamic terrorists were cutting the heads off prisoners and broadcast it.

Curt at Flopping Aces has facts and figures.

-- According to a 2001 Amnesty International report, "victims of torture in Iraq are subjected to a wide range of forms of torture, including the gouging out of eyes, severe beatings and electric shocks... some victims have died as a result and many have been left with permanent physical and psychological damage."
-- Since the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom, coalition forces have discovered military warehouses filled with food supplies meant for the Iraqi people that had been diverted by Iraqi military forces.
Executions: Saddam Hussein's regime has carried out frequent summary executions, including:

-- 4,000 prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison in 1984;
-- 3,000 prisoners at the Mahjar prison from 1993-1998;
-- 2,500 prisoners were executed between 1997-1999 in a "prison cleansing campaign";
-- 22 political prisoners were executed at Abu Ghraib prison in February/March 2000;
-- 23 political prisoners were executed at Abu Ghraib prison in October 2001;
-- At least 130 Iraqi women were beheaded between June 2000 and April 2001;

That's just a small sample.

Attack of the Nanny State

Here is a Judge that needs to review Constitution 101.
He ruled that a child can not practice the religion both of this parents practice.

"prohibiting the free exercise thereof" is part of the Religion clause of the 1st Amendment.
It's not that hard...

New pictures

I walked around downtown Westborough yesterday and took a lot of pictures.

Empowered Women

Kim DuToit has another name for them...

Coffee Quote of the Day

"I don't know where my ideas come from. I will admit, however, that one key ingredient is caffeine. I get a couple cups of coffee into me and weird things start to happen." -- Gary Larson

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Enjoy the holiday weekend...

...at least for my readers in the US. Blogging will be light on my end.

SciFi Quote of the Day

"If your franchise is not secured by force of personal arms, you are a subject, not a citizen." -- H. Beam Piper

The Steve Martin defense works!

You remember that old joke Steve Martin used tell...How to make a million dollars and not pay any taxes.
First, get a million dollars.
Second, don't pay any taxes.
When the IRS comes and says you have to pay taxes on the million dollars, say "I forgot."

That was the basis for David Rosen's defense in his criminal felony trial involving his job a fundraiser for HRC during her Senate run.

Despite being responsible for the fundraiser in which an $800,000 "accounting error" that made $800,000 in hard cash available to HRC at a critical time in her campaign, Rosen walked.

His defense was that he "executed poor judgment."
So, it seems that if you are a well connected democrat, ignorance of the law is a valid defense.

There still is an $800,000 campaign finance violation here, but it doesn't seem that anybody is at fault.

Given the lack of serious coverage by the DNC/MSM on this story, they are accepting the dog ate HRC's accountability theory.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Specialist Skippy is back...

The 213 Skippy can't do...

Michael and Gail have their own lists.

A good time to shut down your hotspot...

Via Slashdot comes this story about a Seattle Coffeeshop that started shutting down it's free WiFi Hotspot on weekends.
This was done because of "six-to-eight hour Wi-Fi squatters, many of whom didn't even purchase anything."
That comes under the heading of serves them right.
Free WiFi in coffeeshops is a service to it's customers, not cyber-welfare.
If you are too cheap to buy your own broadband connection, you could at least buy a couple of non-fat, soy double caps while using the coffeeshop's connection.

Jesse Jackson in the news again...

...and it's not for taking Mexican President Fox to task, Rev. Sharpton is doing the heavy lifting on that one.

Mr. Jackson and two of "non-profit groups" (and the DNC) are being fined heavily for campaign finance violations in the 2000 election.
Here are the details in an AP story:

The Democratic Party, the Rev. Jesse Jackson and two groups associated with the civil rights activist have agreed to pay a total of $200,000 in civil fines for campaign finance violations in the 2000 elections.

At issue in the Federal Election Commission case was about $450,000 in election spending by Jackson, the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition and the Citizenship Education Fund using funds from the groups. The two non-profit groups were incorporated, making their money corporate and subject to restrictions under federal campaign finance laws.

According to the FEC, the money was used for a partisan get-out-the-vote effort and voter registration speaking tour that was coordinated with the Democratic National Committee and included appearances by Jackson and Democratic House and Senate candidates.

Federal campaign finance law bans the use of corporate money for partisan, candidate-specific federal election activities.

Under an agreement with the FEC, Jackson and the two groups will share in a $100,000 civil penalty, and the DNC will also pay $100,000. The commission announced the outcome of the case Thursday.

Don't forget that Jesse Jackson also illegally used funds from his "non-profits" to pay his mistress hush and child support money.

HT to Ms. Malkin.

I wish this was a joke...

England, which already has draconian victim disarment laws in regards to firearms, is now talking about banning knives.

My advice to the law abiding Briton who can not afford bodyguards, learn to bleat.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Extreme citizenship...

By way of the Bookworm is an article by a woman who's husband is in Iraq and how military families deal with the pressures of having a spouse in harms way. Read the whole thing.
Here is a sample:

Military families make the conscious decision to be engaged in 'extreme citizenship.' When we are called, we will stand. We choose this life understanding that there is a constitutional role for the military. That role is not to make policy, but to respond with ability and honor when called to action by our nation's elected leaders. No one — war critic or advocate — could want the military to behave otherwise. It's called civilian control of the military, and it's a bulwark of our democracy.

A couple of points. The author, Kathryn Roth-Douquet is an attorney and former aide who served in the Clinton White House and the Department of Defense. Remember that the Clinton administration seperated a lot of families. Kosovo, Bosnia and Serbia...
We still have way too many troops in those countries, making sure they don't irrupt into chaos again.

This article also reminded me by another article by a military spouse.
I’m in Germany, he’s in Iraq. Some years ago we lived in Korea. Our children have traveled more than we, since we’ve been in Europe.

Mrs. Greyhawk was responding to this comment:
I have to wonder if the academic and media elitists who sneer at the "provincials" in the "red states" have any conception of those kinds of life experiences, much less the effects that they've had on veterans, their families, and their friends. The level of sneering directed South (or East, from the Left Coasters) over the last few days seems to indicate a considerable ignorance as to just how much international knowledge and experience the 'red staters' really have.

She continues her comments with:
I'd add another fact that those same elites might be uncomfortable with: a large number of GI's have married natives of those foreign countries, and lived all over the world throughout their careers, and raised children of mixed parentage who in turn join the military and start the process again. What you usually end up with on or near military installations everywhere is a hodgepodge of nationalities, individuals with a vast collective knowledge of the earth and its peoples and cultures, (reality, not theory) and classrooms full of children for whom "race" is an abstract and who likely have more real world experience than their teachers.

There is a difference between veiwing a culture as a tourist and actually experiencing it.

Damn Skippy!
My dad served in the Corps of Engineers of 22 years. He had to leave a wife with two young children at home when he did his tour of duty in Viet-Nam. My older brother was born in Iowa while my dad was posted there. I was born in Germany during one of his two tours there. I lived in Central America and my neighbors growing up were from all parts of the US and had travelled to, and lived in, multiple foreign countries.

Quote of the Day

"Charlene, like all of her friends, couldn't handle issues. Issues meant disagreement. Voicing disagreement was a form of conflict. Conflict, acted out openly and publicly, was a male mode of social interaction - the foundation for patriarchal society which brought with it the usual litany of dreadful things." -- Cryptonomicon

HRC Fund Raising Criminal Investigation update

Y'All remember David Rosen. If not, check here, here, here, and here.

CNN has an update on his criminal felony trial involving his job a fundraiser for HRC during her Senate run.

Rosen faces two counts of making false and fraudulent statements to the Federal Election Commission for allegedly filing reports saying the event cost only about $400,000 when it really cost $1.2 million.

Prosecutors said the underreporting was designed to provide Hillary Clinton with more money for her campaign.

[Rosen] blamed the problems on event organizers Peter Paul, a three-time convicted felon who underwrote the affair, and Paul's business partner, Aaron Tonken, who is serving a five-year prison sentence for fraud.

The key here is that Rosen's doctoring of the books allowed HRC's senate campaign access to hard money (which she was chronically short of) at a critical time in the campaign.

Dick Morris pointed this out:
If the real cost of the event were $1.2 million instead of $400,000, the campaign would have had to use hard money to make up the difference. The Hillary Clinton campaign would have had $800,000 less of hard money to spend running TV ads and funding get-out-the-vote operations.
Did Hillary know? Paul and Tonken say she did, and it seems obvious that she must have: Hillary followed every dime in her campaign, personally calling donors for most of it. How could she possibly not have known of a decision that saved her $800,000?

So what we have here is really an $800,00 illegal campaign funding donation that quite possibly made HRC's victory possible.

Well, it works in the corporate world...

In large corporations, it's all to common for senior executives to grant themselves large bonuses for saving their company money by laying large amounts of workers off.
According to today's Washington Times Inside Politics column, the democrat controlled California state Legislature took a page from their book and voted themselves a 12% pay raise, making them the highest paid state legislators in the country ($110,880 per year). This is in spite of forecasts that the state's next budget would have a shortfall of at least $5 billion.
As Governor Schwarzenegger points out, the money should have been spent on "education, health care, healthy families, the poor people, the blind people..." and that the legislators decided they need the money first."

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Now that's some damn strange bedfellows...

Hold on to your hats, Michelle Malkin agrees with Howard Stern on something.

It seems that Jordon was half right...

You remember Eason Jordon... He's the CNN excutive who said that US troops were targeting journalists in Iraq. In addition to Bloggers calling him on this, several congressional democrats (Rep. Frank (d-MA) and Senator Dodd (d-CT)) did as well.

Well...it seems a smoking gun has been found. Reporters are being targeted in Iraq, just not by the US military.
It's the Terrorists, Stupid!

HT to Ace

One potential Supreme Court Justice confirmed.

Judge Priscilla Owen has been approved for a seat on the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, after four years of democrat hard liners blocking this ABA Well Qualified judge. The vote was 56-43.

One of those who voted against Judge Owen was Far left extremist Senator Chuck Schumer.

Update: Well hush my mouth and give his sheets a good bleaching! Two Maverick democrats voted for Judge Owen, and one was none other than that "defender of the Republic" and proponent of the "Nuclear Option" when it benefits his party, former Klansman Robert Byrd! You know, the one who makes sure every bit of concrete poured in West Virginia is federally funded and named after him.

The New England Republican has some thoughts on why Senator Byrd voted for Judge Priscilla Owen.

SciFi Quote of the day

"Kimball Kinnison could drop-kick Yoda the length of a Patrol Cruiser's main Bergenholm resonance chamber without breaking a sweat." -- isomeme

The truth behind Mr. Smith's filibuster...

By way of the Bookworm, comes this article pointing out what Mr. Smith was filibustering about.
It wasn't to protect the Republic, it was to keep the other Senators, who were in the pay of deep pocketed lobby groups, from tossing him out on a trumped up Ethics violation!

Stop by Bookworm's blog and do some reading. She has some good stuff posted.

He's in trouble now...

LASunsett is spreading the truth about the democrat party and their treatment of the African-American community.
If this spreads, expect the MSM/DNC attack machine to focus their furor on him.

Today is Towel Day...

At least it is according to whom ever put this entry in Wikipedia.

Towel Day is celebrated every May 25, and is a tribute to the late Douglas Adams (1952-2001). The date is a celebration of Adams' life, set two weeks after his death on May 11, 2001.

On this day, fans and followers carry with them a towel at all times throughout the day. This is inspired by the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy radio series (and later, novels, television series, computer game, and film), in which the towel is described as the most massively useful item any hitchhiker can carry.

Today's example of really bad writing...

From the fertile mind of Lionel Fanthorpe:

Dan was the kind of man to whom panic and fear were as alien and foreign as green spotted pseudopods.

It was like going for a ride on the back of an animated haggis.

A metal face cannot look surprised, but this one tried to. A metal face cannot really look hurt, but this one had a damn good shot at it.

Then there was Paul Whiteland, as different from Jansen as chalk from cheese. Which of them you preferred depended on which type of character you preferred—chalk or cheese. They are both useful in their own way. You can't write on a blackboard with a lump of Cheddar. You can't satisfy your appetite with three sticks of coloured Writing apparatus.

There is more...if you dare!

HT to Paul Drye

It's Palm again...

After being spun off from the nose diving 3Com, it was called Palm Corp., then a lot of money was spent to change the name to PalmOne.
They even contacted individuals with Palm related sites like me.

Now, according to this Cnet article, the company is dropping $30 Million to change their name back to Palm.
These days, it seems that just about every job function is being outsourced except for Marketing.
Given moves like this, I have to ask why the Hell not? Whatever is being spent on the current marketing team is pretty much being flushed anyway.

A sure sign of a "hard right" extremist

It's probably the first thing Chuck Schumer (democrat-HCI) looks for.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Damn fine photo

originally uploaded by Beautiful Things in the World.
Erotic without going hardcore.
Interesting choice in shoes. One would expect heels with that outfit instead of boots.

It's that time again...

Alphecca has his Weekly Check on anti-firearm bias in the MSM.

Leading the roundup is another story about the "Evil" .50 caliber rifles filled with the usual lies.
Back on March 30th, I posted on this topic, including a link to Liberty Snake's excellent post on the subject.

I sometimes hate it when I'm right...

Back on the 18th, I pointed out the loophole in the democrat's so-called "compromise" offer.
From the written proposal by the dems:

For their part, Democrats would commit not to block votes on Bush's Supreme Court or appeals court nominees during the same period, except in extreme circumstances.

Which prompted me to point out:
Can you name one of the Judicial nominess the democrats appose that they haven't called extreme?
It's a great deal for the dems. They can hold the Republicans to their promise not change Senate rules while they decide that every Judical nominee they don't like is extreme and continue to block them from an up and down vote.

Now we have the latest "deal" and Jeff Goldstein is pointing out the same loophole in the current democrat attack on judicial nominees.
The deal: Senators have stated they will not filibuster except in “extraordinary circumstances.”

This is the agreement. This.

And here I was thinking that filibusters were only supposed to be used under “extraordinary circumstances” to begin with.

In exchange for this promise, moderate Republicans sold out Saad and Myers, who will not—NOT, not—receive up or down votes.

For more on why the democrats are attacking ABA rated "Well Qualified" judical nominees, look here, then take a look at a real extremist judge.

Political Quote of the day

"Somehow liberals have been unable to acquire from life what conservatives seem to be endowed with at birth: namely, a healthy skepticism of the powers of government agencies to do good." -- Moderate Democrat Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan (1927-2003)

Monday, May 23, 2005

Another Moore fan site...

Not really...

I'm waiting for the ACLU to protest this.

The oppressive Communist Chinese Government is suppressing the Free Speech Rights of Women by not allowing people to eat raw fish off their naked bodies!

Damn Commies! ...and the liberals complain about uptight Conservatives!

Before you think I'm ranting off the deep end, remember that attempts to stop nude dancing here in America was stopped by our Judicial Branch, which proclaimed nude dancing to be a "political" statement and thus protected by the 1st Amendment of the Consitutution of these here United States!
God Bless America!

Stuff like this has to be true...

By way of Owen over at Boots & Sabers, Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson is the newly elected Mayor of Northridge, CA.
Owen is quite correct in pointing out that "it is ironic that Nancy Cartwright, who is the voice of that icon of rebellious youth, Bart Simpson, plans to cut down on youth crime during her administration"

Ironic or not, good luck to Ms. Cartwright in her new job.

Go Howard! Go!

Ok, first we have DNC Chair Howard Dean giving his support to "a self-described socialist."

Then Dean goes on Meet the Press and says that this "self-described socialist" is really just a liberal democrat.
Thanks for agreeing with what some of us have been saying for a while...

Now Dean can't keep his terrorist straight on National TV.

A sure sign that Dean is trouble is when one of his own party's best partisan pitbulls, the Hon. Barney Frank (democrat-MA) tears into Dean and rips him a new one.

The nice man at Obviously Right nailed it:

You know, I think Dean is the perfect Democrat Party Chair. He says what most liberals think, but are too gutless to say.

Keith Thompson update...

The fellow who wrote the article about leaving the left has his own blog, Sane Nation.

How the left responded to his article is hardly surprising.

...several people who disagreed with my essay Leaving the Left decided to register their contempt in vile and obscene terms rather than meeting me on the ground of ideas.

A Ajami roundup

Don Singleton has a roundup on Fouad Ajami's column in Yesterday's Wall Street Journal. Read the column and the comments he collected.

Morning Quote

There's too much blood in my caffeine system.

An Interesting Firearm

The French designed LeMat Revolver. About 2,500 of these made through the Union blockade of Confederate ports during the War of Northern Aggression. Most end up with Cavalry units, giving them some extra firepower against their better equipped Union counterparts.

It's cylinder held nine .40 caliber rounds, plus a single shot .65 caliber 18 gauge shotgun barrel located beneath the .40 caliber barrel.

For you SciFi buffs out there, a LeMat is mentioned in S.M. Stirling's novel "The Stone Dogs."
Bonus points if you can identify which SciFi author Mr. Stirling was tipping his hat to in that passage.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Quote of the Day

"There is no doubt in my mind that millions of lives could have been saved if the people were not "brainwashed" about gun ownership and had been well armed. Hitler's thugs and goons were not very brave when confronted by a gun. Gun haters always want to forget the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, which is a perfect example of how a ragtag, half starved groups of Jews took up 10 handguns and made asses out of the Nazis." -- Theodor Haas, a former prisoner of the Dachau concentration camp.

It's not that he's leaving the left...

...it's more of the left going really far to the hard left.

Keith Thompson, a former progressive liberal, a campaign worker for Robert Kennedy, Eugene McCarthy, George McGovern and a staffer for hard left democrat Senator Howard Metzenbaum, explains why he is leaving the left, more precisely, the American cultural left and what it has become.
Here are some highlights, but read the whole thing.

I choose this day for my departure because I can no longer abide the simpering voices of self-styled progressives -- people who once championed solidarity with oppressed populations everywhere -- reciting all the ways Iraq's democratic experiment might yet implode.

My estrangement hasn't happened overnight. Out of the corner of my eye I watched what was coming for more than three decades, yet refused to truly see. Now it's all too obvious. Leading voices in America's "peace" movement are actually cheering against self-determination for a long-suffering Third World country because they hate George W. Bush more than they love freedom.
A turning point came at a dinner party on the day Ronald Reagan famously described the Soviet Union as the pre-eminent source of evil in the modern world. The general tenor of the evening was that Reagan's use of the word "evil" had moved the world closer to annihilation. There was a palpable sense that we might not make it to dessert.

When I casually offered that the surviving relatives of the more than 20 million people murdered on orders of Joseph Stalin might not find "evil'" too strong a word, the room took on a collective bemused smile of the sort you might expect if someone had casually mentioned taking up child molestation for sport.
Susan Sontag cleared her throat for the "courage" of the al Qaeda pilots. Norman Mailer pronounced the dead of Sept. 11 comparable to "automobile statistics." The events of that day were likely premeditated by the White House, Gore Vidal insinuated. Noam Chomsky insisted that al Qaeda at its most atrocious generated no terror greater than American foreign policy on a mediocre day.

All of this came back to me as I watched the left's anemic, smirking response to Iraq's election in January. Didn't many of these same people stand up in the sixties for self-rule for oppressed people and against fascism in any guise?
These days the postmodern left demands that government and private institutions guarantee equality of outcomes. Any racial or gender "disparities" are to be considered evidence of culpable bias, regardless of factors such as personal motivation, training, and skill. This goal is neither liberal nor progressive
I smile when friends tell me I've "moved right." I laugh out loud at what now passes for progressive on the main lines of the cultural left.
Who would have guessed that the U.S. senator with today's best voting record on human rights would be not Ted Kennedy or Barbara Boxer but Kansas Republican Sam Brownback?

He is also by most measures one of the most conservative senators.
All of which is why I have come to believe, and gladly join with others who have discovered for themselves, that the single most important thing a genuinely liberal person can do now is walk away from the house the left has built.

HT to Ms Malkin.

Good Social Commentary

While I still think he's a putz for what he did to my friend Jen, Aaron Vincent McGruder nails the "victim mentality" in today's Boondocks that keeps Jesse Jackson and the Rev. Sharpton rolling in cash.

McGruder doesn't bother to draw his own strips anymore. Instead of an artist, he could stand to hire an editor.

The Return of the Russian Menace!

No, it's not a bad B movie. It's LASunsett telling us about a Russian official's threat to use force, if the US tried to weaponize space.

Some Russians must be pining for the Bad Old Days of the Cold War...

Saturday, May 21, 2005

It's not a sign of the Apocalypse...

...but I am linking to a democrat posting at Huffington's blog (trust me, I read through it today and you get more bang for your buck at Huffingtonstoast, this post by Mr. Piscal is rare exception).

Mike Piscal sounds off on California, and national, teachers unions and their unified stance against accountability.
Here are some highlights:

The unions foster a culture of excuses that has so crippled public education that tens of thousands of students are dropping out of Los Angeles’ public schools every year (and not just in Los Angeles, but every major city in the country). Like baseball, the all powerful union has ruined public education in our urban centers. The first step to true change, if it ever happens, will be union reform.
Sadly, my gentle readers, we are spitting into the wind here. While all the above is true, every stat reported in the local papers, the public employee unions are so predominant in politics that only a 10.0 earthquake among the parents and an uprising among the rank and file teachers will change the balance of power in Sacramento. Not Arnold. Not the Republicans. Right now the deck is stacked against the kids

Quote of the Day

"The thing I love so much about the UN, is that they're so obviously corrupt. It's not like the Oil-for-Food scandal was even hard to discover, it was almost a parody of corruption. The behavior of the delegates in New York is comically corrupt as well. The amazing thing is that there are still people who want to give the UN MORE power, and to become a real world government... Sigh" -- John Hamill

Annoy Senators Schumer, Clinton, Boxer & Feinstein

Stop by Carnival of Cordite #14

Friday, May 20, 2005

Stray net fun

Pop bubble wrap online

Time for a laptop replacement.

Palm looks like they have a good one (combined with the wireless keyboard and hardcase).
It's got a good feature list:

  • 4 GB hard drive

  • WiFi and Bluetooth

  • MP3 player

  • photo & film support

  • drag and drop USB transfers with your PC

  • transfer pictures directly from you camera's SD card

  • plus basic Palm functionality.

Anything you can drop in the tip jar to help me in my quest would be greatly appreciated!

File this under I'm not surprised

By way of Slashdot comes this Herald Sun Story that shows both "an unbelievable decline in computer science majors" and an "increasing demand for IT professionals."

If you are surprised by this, let us review some trends.
For example, a formerly large networking company I used to work for laid off nearly it's entire development staff, including Quality Assurance and most of it's Customer Service department.
All that work is now out sourced to companies outside the United States.
Another local networking company has two thirds of it's QA staff located outside the US.
Kids in college these days may spend a lot of time drunk, stoned and getting laid, but that doesn't mean they are stupid.

Here is a little industry insider insight, not only are there less jobs for US workers in the field, but a lot of those jobs are less attractive.
For example, instead of doing new development work (which is cool), you are under serious management pressure to fix crap code delivered by the lowest bidder out source company in Asia fast so the product can ship on time and the over paid executives can collect their bonuses (which isn't cool).

Odds are, those previously mentioned overpaid executives won't figure this one out until it effects their Lexus payments.

It looks bad, but it's just politics...

Rich Lowry takes a very pragmatic view of the democrat's reason's for blocking the nominations of four of President Bush's Judicial nominees. First he show's the ugly side:

White guys who are as or more conservative than Owen have been confirmed as appellate judges, while her nomination has languished for four years. So it goes in the judicial wars. A woman. A black. A Catholic. A Hispanic. It sounds like the beginning of a bad ethnic joke, but it's the lineup of the Democrats' top filibuster victims.

If the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission were reviewing the Democrats' filibuster choices, it would have grounds for a disparate-impact lawsuit.

Then he points out the bottom line political reality that has the democrats running scared.
Democrats fear that a non-Protestant, nonwhite non-male might be easier for President Bush to elevate to the Supreme Court from a federal appeals court, so they want to keep nominees with the "wrong" demographics from getting on an appeals court in the first place.
In the filibuster fight, Democrats invoke minority rights. What they are attempting to vindicate is the right of the Senate minority to block minorities.

So they hounded latino nominee Miguel Estrada until he withdrew his name.
They are going down the "high tech lynching" trail with Janice Rogers Brown because "she is black, was raised by sharecroppers in segregationist Alabama, and worked her way through law school as a single mother after her first husband died."

The last thing the democrats want is a "attractive U.S. Supreme Court nominee" nominated by a Republican who isn't of the oppressor class (i.e. Protestant White Male, preferably old).

Let's look at "extremism" at the other side of the spectrum...

Democrats object to President Bush's Judicial nominees because they are, in their words, "right wing extremists."
Edward Whelan looks at what a far left wing extremist would look like.
Some highlights:

[this far left extremist judge] attacked the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts as organizations that perpetuate stereotyped sex roles and that he had proposed abolishing Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and replacing them with a single androgynous Parent’s Day.

And, to get really absurd, let’s add that he had called for an end to single-sex prisons on the theory that if male prisoners are going to return to a community in which men and women function as equal partners, prison is just the place for them to get prepared to deal with women.

Let’s further posit that this nominee had opined that a manifest imbalance in the racial composition of an employer’s work force justified court-ordered quotas even in the absence of any intentional discrimination on the part of the employer. But then, lo and behold, to make this nominee even more of a parody of an out-of-touch leftist, let’s say it was discovered that while operating his own office for over a decade in a city that was majority-black, this nominee had never had a single black person among his more than 50 hires.

Imagine, in sum, a nominee whose record is indisputably extreme and who could be expected to use his judicial role to impose those views on mainstream America. Surely such a person would never be nominated to an appellate court. Surely no Senate Democrat would support someone with such extreme views. And surely Senate Republicans, rather than deferring to the nominating power of the Democrat President, would pull out all stops—filibuster and everything—to stop such a nominee.

OK, just to show that I'm a bit off the mainstream, there is actually a couple of things I agree with this far left extremist with. Those being:
Let’s assume, for example, that this nominee had expressed strong sympathy for the position that there is a constitutional right to prostitution as well as a constitutional right to polygamy

Sounds like a Conservative Republican's nightmare, doesn't it...
OK, time for the punchline. This person exists and sits on the Supreme Court.
It's Ruth Bader Ginsburg, nominated by President William Jefferson Clinton and confirmed by the Senate in an up and down vote on August 3, 1993. The vote was 96-3.
The democrats in the Senate are blocking Priscilla Owen's nomination to the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals because she doesn't have a perfect pro-abortion record due to a single case. In that case she upheld the Texas law requiring parental notification for in the case of a minor having an abortion.

Let us take another look at just who the extremists are in the Senate.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Correcting Senator Mikulski

Not me, but Law Professor Ann Althouse takes the democrat from Maryland to task on her pontificating on the Senate floor today.

On C-Span2, the Senators are still pontificating about the filibuster. I just caught a bit of Senator Mikulsi: "When Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton sat around at the Constitutional Convention, they wanted..."


Thomas Jefferson was not at the Constitutional Convention.

There is more, stop by and read it.

Minutemen and the MSM

Leo Banks, a reporter in Arizona for 30 years, tells the tale that isn't getting told by the DNC/MSM.

Some highlights:

These border residents are routinely snickered at and called racist vigilantes. But most are decent folks caught up in the daily invasion of illegals who tramp across their land. Ranchers in hard-hit areas spend the first hours of every day repairing damage done the night before. They find fences knocked down and water spigots left on, draining thousands of precious gallons. And then there's the trash: pill bottles, syringes, used needles, and pile after pile of human feces.
How bad is it? In the Tucson Sector alone in January 2005, the Border Patrol arrested 35,704 people, seized 34,864 pounds of marijuana, and impounded 557 smuggling vehicles. In one month. High-speed chases and accidents on our back-roads are now common.
It used to be that one or two would ask a local resident for water and a sandwich, and, once fed, be on their way with a polite "Gracias, Señorita." The new breed now comes in groups of 50. They demand to be driven to their pickup spot, and if you refuse they flip you off. Sometimes they poison barking ranch dogs or cut their throats to quiet them. How long do you suppose such outrages would go on in Fairfield, Conn.? Or Greenwich?

HT to Ith

Quote of the Day

"[I will] totally dismantle every intelligence agency in this country piece by piece, nail by nail, brick by brick"
-- Ron Dellums, democrat-California, 1993, after House Democratic Caucus elected him chairman of the House Armed Services Committee.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A Newsweek story update...

Ok, so Newsweek deserves a bit of kicking over sloppy journalism, but as Andrew McCarthy points out, media liberal bias isn't the main problem:

Here's an actual newsflash — and one, yet again, that should be news to no one: The reason for the carnage here was, and is, militant Islam.
Nothing more.

Newsweek merely gave the crazies their excuse du jour. But they didn't need a report of Koran desecration to fly jumbo jets into skyscrapers, to blow up embassies, or to behead hostages taken for the great sin of being Americans or Jews. They didn't need a report of Koran desecration to take to the streets and blame the United States while enthusiastically taking innocent lives. This is what they do.

Charles Bird of Redstate.org continues with more common sense on the subject:
For those who think the Newsweek snafu is small potatoes, or that conservatives are making a mountain out of a molehill, consider this. I hate doing hypotheticals, but as someone said on Hugh Hewitt yesterday, what if Rush Limbaugh reported false information that resulted in race riots that killed at least seventeen? Would that be small potatoes? Hardly. The media circus would be tremendous. Michael Jackson would be pushed to A10. However, the flushed Newsweek story is worse. It didn't just trigger riots resulting in deaths, but it put our country in an unjustly negative light and it endangered Americans abroad. It's hard enough work as it is in Afghanistan and Iraq. The last thing the Great Satan needs is more bad PR.

Update on the update:
Leslie Bates brings to our collective attention a very good article by Walid Phares. Go read the whole thing, but here a money quote:
The selective outrage over the destroyed Korans is not theological but political. It is only when the Islamists want to wage a jihad for their holy book that infractions begin to make any difference to them. When Arab militias raids black Muslim villages in Darfur, and destroy them, along with their holy books, that is acceptable, but one sentence in an article published in a U.S. magazine deserves a whole holy war? Who are we kidding here?

I am the Uber-Nerd!

I just bought a ticket for the midnight show of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.

I hope it's as good as the two animated Trooper Clerk films I watched today.

Political Quote of the Day

"And quit bringing up our forefathers and saying they were Civil Libertarians . . . they were blowing people's heads off because they put a tax on their breakfast beverage -- and it wasn't even coffee." -- Dennis Miller

Interesting money data

Most of the Susan B. Anthony Dollar Coins you see are from the original 1979 run (another part of Jimmy Carter's legacy).

The last roll of Dollar Coins I got from the bank was a mix of Susan B.'s and Golden Sacagawea Dollars.
Two of the Susan B. Quarter look alikes were not minted in 1979.
One is dated 1980 and the other 1999.

According to the US Mint web site, 41,368,000 Susan B. coins were produced in 1979, 1980, 1981 and 1999
The government's supply of Susan B. Anthony Dollars was exhausted in early 2000.

Quote of the Day

I got this one from Leslie Bate's excellent blog, Living in the Surreal World

Che excelled in one thing: mass murder of defenseless men. He was a Stalinist to the core, a plodding bureaucrat and a calm, cold-blooded - but again, never in actual battle - killer.

-- Humberto Fontova, Author of Fidel: Hollywood's Favorite Tyrant.

The Left's Loophole

Let's look at the so-called "compromise" offered by the democrats in response to the Republicans threating to use the Byrd Option to end the liberal filibuster on the President's Judicial nominess.

Under the proposal, circulated in writing, Republicans would have to pledge no change through 2006 in the Senate's rules that allow filibusters against judicial nominees. For their part, Democrats would commit not to block votes on Bush's Supreme Court or appeals court nominees during the same period, except in extreme circumstances.

Emphasis added. Can you name one of the Judicial nominess the democrats appose that they haven't called extreme?
It's a great deal for the dems. They can hold the Republicans to their promise not change Senate rules while they decide that every Judical nominee they don't like is extreme and continue to block them from an up and down vote.

Liberal Journalists need to wrap their tin foil hats a bit tighter...

Ann Althouse chimes in:

Norman Mailer lumbers up to the HuffPo keyboard and taps out a conspiracy theory, in that wonderful literary style where things don't "stink" but are "redolent with bad odor."
In every covert Department of Dirty Tricks, whether official, semi-official, or off-the-wall, great pride is best obtained by going real deep into down-and-dirty-land—Yeah! Expedite the consequences.

What the hell is he ranting about? He's guessing that the Pentagon deliberately fed Michael Isikoff fake Koran-in-toilet info. And maybe those riots are "orchestrated" too.


The Confederate Yankee reports that MSNBC "journalist" Kieth Olbermann wants somebody at the White House fired for letting Newsweek throw jounalism standards out the window, and publishing a story with a single unsupported source, that turned out to be untrue and caused the death of 17 people with at least a hundred more injured. Say what you want about Olbermann, but he obviously has balls the size of church bells, or he needs his medication dosage increased.

Grow your own power.

Wired has a good article on average folks setting up small wind and solar generation stations.
They are not off the grid, but they use a lot less power from the grid, and during times surplus, put power on the grid.

Not everything the Governator does is evil, no matter how much you want it to be.
As the Wired article points out:

California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger recently proposed additional subsidies and tax credits to cover a million California rooftops with solar panels.

To meet his Hydrogen Highway proposal though, California is going to need more nuclear power plants.

Let's not forget Hillary's Money Man

I've posted about David Rosen several times:

Now Slant Point is picking up the ball.
There is slime coating every skeleton in the Clinton's closets. And no matter how hard Hillary has tried to keep her nose clean since getting elected, the ghosts of her past will keep haunting her.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Sorry, channeling Gary Trudeau there for a moment...

Democrat Senator Carl Levin is on CNN right now telling the world about things British Parliament member George Galloway doesn't want known.
If Senator Levin has issues with this long time Suddam Hussein supporter, it shines a strong light through the "NeoCons are out to get me" smokescreen that Galloway is trying to build.

Movie Night...

Team America: World Police is out on DVD starting today.
So, tonight I'll be making a big bowl of popcorn and watching the scene where Michael Moore blows up multiple times.
Comedy at it's finest...

Recently updated

Page 11 of political sig quotes, page 2 of SciFi sig quotes, Coffee Sig quotes, Ann Coulter Sig quotes, page 2 of Military sig quotes and page 8 of stray sig quotes.

Let us review DNC/MSM Journalism ethics...

The following was sent to Michelle Malkin:

Just for the sake of argument let's say the Newsweek article was true. No one's pointing out that Newsweek is the same publication that had a non-disclosure agreement with the Kerry campaign last fall. The editors agreed that anything their reporters discovered while "embedded" with Kerry/Edwards would not be published until after the '04 election. So let me get this straight... Agreeing not to air Kerry's dirty laundry during a political campaign is fine and dandy. But not airing Gitmo's dirty laundry during the War on Terror would be a compromise of journalistic ethics. Got it.

As a wise woman said, "They win in the dark; we win in the light."

More reasons why John Bolton is just the kick in the ass the UN needs

Tony asks "Remember how the US was excoriated for not, you know, caring enough in the aftermath of the December tsunami?"
Then he points us to a Mark Steyn column that actually points out the truth (liberals can leave the room now rather than have their world view distorted by actual facts).

Whatever one feels about it, the United States manages to function. The U.N. apparatus doesn't. Indeed, the United States does the U.N.'s job better than the U.N. does. The part of the tsunami aid operation that worked was the first few days, when America, Australia and a handful of other nations improvised instant and effective emergency relief operations that did things like, you know, save lives, rescue people, restore water supply, etc. Then the poseurs of the transnational bureaucracy took over, held press conferences demanding that stingy Westerners needed to give more and more and more, and the usual incompetence and corruption followed.
[Comparing Bolton to Paul Martin] Who? Well, he's prime minister of Canada. And in January, after the tsunami hit, he flew into Sri Lanka to pledge millions and millions and millions in aid. Not like that heartless George W. Bush back at the ranch in Texas. Why, Prime Minister Martin walked along the ravaged coast of Kalumnai and was, reported Canada's CTV network, "visibly shaken." President Bush might well have been shaken, but he wasn't visible, and in the international compassion league, that's what counts. So Martin boldly committed Canada to giving $425 million to tsunami relief. "Mr. Paul Martin Has Set A Great Example For The Rest Of The World Leaders!" raved the LankaWeb news service.

You know how much of that $425 million has been spent so far? Fifty thousand dollars -- Canadian. That's about 40 grand in U.S. dollars. The rest isn't tied up in Indonesian bureaucracy, it's back in Ottawa. But, unlike horrible "unilateralist" America, Canada enjoys a reputation as the perfect global citizen, renowned for its commitment to the U.N. and multilateralism. And on the beaches of Sri Lanka, that and a buck'll get you a strawberry daiquiri. Canada's contribution to tsunami relief is objectively useless and rhetorically fraudulent.
When rent-a-quote senators claim to be pro-U.N. or multilateralist, the tsunami operation is what they have in mind -- that when something bad happens the United States should commit to working through the approved transnational bureaucracies and throw even more "resources" at them, even though nothing will happen (Sri Lanka), millions will be stolen (Oil for Food), children will get raped (U.N. peacekeeping operations) and hundreds of thousands will die (Sudan).

Let's not forget Africa.

Damn Good Question!

Mr. Reynolds asks:

Were there any countries that opposed the war without being bribed? I'm just, you know, asking.


Monday, May 16, 2005

A farewell to Trek

I freely admit it, I was a Star Trek fan since I was a kid in the '60s. Classic Trek is still the best in my book.
TNG was a good upgrade to the '80s. DS9 got good after they started doing what Babylon 5 did the season before.
ST:Lost in Space was Bloody Awful.

Then there was Enterprise. The Retro Pre-Kirk Star Trek. All the whimpy 24th Century geeks whined about all their toys going away.
Me on the hand, I liked it. Ya, I missed a lot of episodes. I just don't watch that much TV anymore. What I did see, I generally liked.
James Lilieks wrote a farewell to Star Trek that is sooo much better than anything I would write (no surprise there). Stop by, check it out, and lift a glass to the Great Bird of the Galaxy for a half century of memories.

Reality vs the Left.

Rightwing Sparkle tells this story of a US soldier who corrected a left wing extremist author on CSPAN.

This one leftie author was a woman who had been talking about how wrong the war had been ect.. Finally a young man came to the microphone to ask a question. I knew immediately it was a soldier by his build and haircut and how the first thing he said was, "I have a question for the lady on the far left of the stage." And he began his question with "ma'am." Then he asked her what her qualifications were for what was going in Iraq. He said he had just finished 2 tours in Iraq and what he saw was very different from what she had described. Instead of answering the question, she started asking him questions about Iraq. He answered well and straight forward saying that the American people didn't realize how truly horrible Saddam had treated his people and even with all the violence that happens there now by the car bombings, most Iraqis are very grateful for our presence there.

There were many shouts from the audience and the moderator had to quiet them. But when this soldier finished there was nothing the woman could say. This was a man who had been there and talked to the Iraqi people. He was very articulate and polite. It was just an awesome thing to see this clean cut young man just put the truth out there with honesty as he saw it and leave the lefties on the panel with nothing to say.

God, I love our soldiers.

Random Quote of the Day

"I submit that a leopard who goes bump in the night is a really clumsy leopard." -- Dominic von Stoesser

It's just a film folks...

To continue an old thread, If you think the new Star Wars Film is comparing the story of Anakin Skywalker's fall to the dark side and the rise of an emperor through warmongering to President Bush's war on terrorism and the invasion of Iraq, you might be a brain-washed leftist.

Here is Clue 1: Lucas says he created the "Star Wars" story long before the Iraq war. He came up with the story arc in the 1970's!

If that hasn't penetrated your leftist brain-washing, consider that if the US really wanted to be an Empire, we would have kept a good chunk of German and all of Japan after WWII rather than giving it back. If we really wanted to start annexing the Middle East, there would not have been any Iraqi elections. General Tommy Frank would have been made the Governor-General of the new US terrority of East Dakota.

Brain-washed leftists are free to reenter reality at any time.

Cartoon update...

Cox & Forkum chime in on the Newsweek lied and people died story.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

No surprise here for those who have been paying attention.

The Telegraph reports that Saddam Hussein backed French President Jacques Chirac’s 2002 re-election campaign (this was prior the US lead invasion that removed the murderous dictator from power).

I could make any number of equally predictable comments about the French government, but I'll refrain and leave you with Rob's on target assement of the news:

The fact that Saddam Hussein wanted to keep Jacques Chirac in power only solidifies the idea that France, under its current leadership, is a regime more interested in appeasing terrorists and dictators than fighting to remove them from power. Which is exactly why, when it comes to the question of war in Iraq, America has been on the right side of history while France has been on the wrong side.

Another Name for the Senate Constitutional Option

Senator Mitch McConell (R-Kentucky) calls it the "Byrd Option."
A very approriate name, since the former Klansman, Senator Robert "King Coal" Byrd was fond of using the option when he was the Senate Majority Leader.

Words that come back to haunt you...

This example comes way of cartoonist Bob Lang.
He reminds us of what Ted Kennedy had to say about his 1965 Immigration Reform Act.

"Let me assure you, our cities will not be flooded with a million immigrants annually because of my bill..."

Now if he would just support legislation to keep the number of illegal immigrants flooding our cities down to a million (or less) annually...

Newsweek lied and people died...

So much for that high quality DNC/MSM fact checking...

Reuters reports:

Newsweek magazine said on Sunday it erred in a May 9 report that U.S. interrogators desecrated the Koran at Guantanamo Bay, and apologized to the victims of deadly Muslim protests sparked by the article.

Editor Mark Whitaker said the magazine inaccurately reported that U.S. military investigators had confirmed that personnel at the detention facility in Cuba had flushed the Muslim holy book down the toilet.

So Newsweek is so very sorry about the 16 people killed when Muslim protesters got a wee bit out of hand.

Will they personally apoligize to any Americans killed as the result of Afghan Muslim clerics threatened to call for a holy war against the United States on Sunday?

There is more and a roundup over at Michelle Malkin' blog.

Marc at the USS Neverdock asks a damn good question:
Where was Newsweek and the rest of main stream media when The Palestinian gunmen holed up in the Church of the Nativity tore up Bibles for toilet paper?

Where's the outrage? Where's the indignation? Why is the world media so hell bent on portraying Islam as some kind of sacrosanct religion, better and above the rest?

Mr. Reynolds has more.
He makes a few damn good points:
Two points: (1) If they had wrongly reported the race of a criminal and produced a lynching, they'd feel much worse -- which is why they generally don't report such things, a degree of sensitivity they don't extend to reporting on, you know, minor topics like wars; and (2) If a blogger had made a similar mistake, with similar consequences, we'd be hearing about Big Media's superior fact-checking and layers of editors.

People died, and U.S. military and diplomatic efforts were damaged, because -- let's be clear here -- Newsweek was too anxious to get out a story that would make the Bush Administration and the military look bad.

A book for those feminists that support HRC

"Their Lives: The Women Targeted by the Clinton Machine" by Candice E. Jackson.
This book documents how Bill Clinton used his political power to harass, intimidate, and terrorize women who got in his way.
The book features an in-depth look at eight women who crossed paths with the so-called "Man from Hope" - seven former objects of desire as well as his wife, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Working from first-hand interviews and hundreds of sources, the book claims not to focus on the morality of Clinton's philandering but rather his willingness to wield his political power against his victims.

Kathleen Willey and Juanita Broaddrick are also featured in the book and speak well of it.

More details at this Yahoo News story.

An interesting comparison...

Jay Tea over at Wizbang says that John over at Power Line beat him to the punch in writing and posting an article that compares one group to another. He's kinda glad John did it first, since it's a bit less extreme than what he was going to write.

Go Jesse!

Let us see how Mexican President Fox likes well known racial extortionist Jesse Jackson on the ass of his $1000 suit.

According to this CNN article, Jackson (who tried to win the democrat presidential nomination in 1988), took major offense to Fox's remark that illegal immigrants from Mexico in the US take jobs that "that not even blacks want to do."

I'm assuming that President Fox was not referring to jobs like Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Secretary of State, Secretary of Labor and National Security Advisor? Jobs all held by Black Americans during the presidential administrations of George H.W. Bush, William Jefferson Clinton and George W. Bush.

Jesse Jackson took major offense to President Fox's remark, calling it "a spurious comparison" with "ominous racial overtones."

The US State Department (current and previous Secretary of State are Black Americans) made this simple, but direct, comment on President Fox's insulting comments: "That level of dialogue doesn't merit comment."

At it has been pointed out before, Mexico is extremely hypocritical on the subject of immigration, since they use their military to aggressively patrol their southern border in order to halt as much illegal immigration into their country as possible.

Quote of the Day

"That rifle on the wall of the labourer's cottage or working class flat is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there." -- George Orwell

That "Maverick" democrat Barney Frank

I like Barney Frank. He is one those on the other side that I admire for being smart and damn good at his job.
He's got that Clinton like roving eye for a sweet young thang that almost got him tossed out of the House as well.

Frank is also a partisan pitbull, who aggressively defends democrat/liberal positions. Mr. Frank manages to do it with some class and manages to keep most of his facts straight. That's probably why he is pissed at at the low class actions of other democrats, namely DNC Chair Howard Dean.
Rep. Frank goes after Dean, as this Boston Globe article actually reports:

'That's just wrong," Frank said in an interview on the convention floor. ''I think Howard Dean was out of line talking about DeLay. The man has not been indicted. I don't like him, I disagree with some of what he does, but I don't think you, in a political speech, talk about a man as a criminal or his jail sentence."

Dean can rant (and lie) all he wants and throw raw meat to the far left faithful, but Mr. Frank is right.
Rep. DeLay has done nothing illegal, and the dems are desperately trying to hide the fact that their members have a long history of doing what they accuse him of.

HT to Ms. Malkin

NY Times behind the curve...

Mr. Reynolds writes about a May 14th NYTime's article that states:

Several of the nation's most prominent environmentalists have gone public with the message that nuclear power, long taboo among environmental advocates, should be reconsidered as a remedy for global warming.

I blogged in the subject back on Feb. 1, 2005.
From the Wired article:
Some of the world's most thoughtful greens have discovered the logic of nuclear power, including Gaia theorist James Lovelock, Greenpeace cofounder Patrick Moore, and Britain's Bishop Hugh Montefiore, a longtime board member of Friends of the Earth.

The more seriously you take the idea of global warming, the more seriously you have to take nuclear power. Clean coal, solar-powered roof tiles, wind farms in North Dakota - they're all pie in the emissions-free sky. Sure, give them a shot. But zero-carbon reactors are here and now. We know we can build them. Their price tag is no mystery. They fit into the existing electric grid without a hitch. Flannel-shirted environmentalists who fight these realities run the risk of ending up with as much soot on their hands as the slickest coal-mining CEO.

I did a followup post about two weeks ago.

democrat strategy session

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Movie note...

The Long Kiss Goodnight is Genna Davis' finest action film.
Having Samuel L. Jackson (Lord of all that is BadAss) didn't hurt.

Friday, May 13, 2005

No surprise here...

Steve points out:

If The Huffington Post sucked any harder, it would have an event horizon.

Then he explains exactly why it's that painfully bad.

Save yourself the pain and read Huffington's Toast instead.

It seems I'm not the "Radical Conservative" some see me as...

Your Political Profile

Overall: 65% Conservative, 35% Liberal

Social Issues: 50% Conservative, 50% Liberal

Personal Responsibility: 75% Conservative, 25% Liberal

Fiscal Issues: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal

Ethics: 0% Conservative, 100% Liberal

Defense and Crime: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal

I found this quiz over at Incoherant Ramblings and I agree with her about the limiting questions.

Sometimes it's good to be crass...

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Windows Open Source Software

The unofficial microsoft weblog has a good list of Open Source software for Windows.

I'm using GIMP, Gaim, Ethereal, Firefox and I've used Cygwin in the past.
Thunderbird is nice, but I prefer Eudora.

I'll probably using some more off that list soon.

SF Quote of the day

"And I repeat: if there is anything that can divert the land of my birth from its current stampede into the Stone Age, it is the widespread dissemination of the thoughts and perceptions that Robert Heinlein has been selling as entertainment since 1939." -- Spider Robinson

It seems only liberal speech is protected and federally funded...

By way of Mr. Drudge:

Two congressional Democrats called Wednesday for an investigation into recent activities by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, suggesting that efforts by the Republican chairman of the private nonprofit to add more conservative programs onto PBS may violate federal law.

In a letter released Wednesday evening, Rep. David Obey, D-Wis., and Rep. John D. Dingell, D-Mich., asked CPB Inspector General Kenneth A. Konz to investigate the contracting, hiring and policies of the corporation, which distributes federal funds to public television stations. Both congressmen are ranking Democrats on committees that have oversight of public television.

They called recent actions taken by CPB Chairman Kenneth Tomlinson "disturbing'' and "extremely troubling.''

A CPB spokesman could not be reached for comment. But in a recent interview with the LOS ANGELES TIMES, Tomlinson defended his efforts to expand conservative perspectives on PBS, saying he merely wants to increase the network's audience.

This raises the question of exactly which federal law is broken by adding programming that isn't slanted way far to the left to PBS.

The Confederate Yankee has more. One of the facts he points out is that CPB Chairman Kenneth Tomlinson was appointed to that position by democrat President Bill Clinton.

Dr. Rice on Civil rights

From today's Washington Times Inside Politics Column:

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice recalled last night for CNN how her father took up arms to defend fellow blacks from racist whites in the segregated South and said the constitutional right to keep and bear arms is as important as free speech and religion.
In an interview on CNN's "Larry King Live," Miss Rice said that her minister father and his friends armed themselves to defend the black community in Birmingham, Ala., against nightriders in 1962 and 1963.
She said that if local authorities in segregated Birmingham, where Miss Rice was born in 1954, had lists of registered weapons, she did not think her father and other blacks would have been able to defend themselves.
Miss Rice said, "We have to be very careful when we start abridging rights that the Founding Fathers thought very important."
She said they understood "there might be circumstances that people like my father experienced in Birmingham, Alabama, when, in fact, the police weren't going to protect you."
"I also don't think we get to pick and choose from the Constitution," she said in the interview, which was taped for airing last night. "The Second Amendment is as important as the First Amendment."

Close enough...

...and probably better content Huffington's Toast.

HT to Muir & Hog

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Political Quiz

Found on Ms. Malkin's site. I took the quiz and scored thusly...

Everyday is a holiday...

And today is Eat What You Want Day!

Eat What You Want and Die Like a Man!

Why am I not surprised...

According to today's Inside Politics column in the Washington Times, DNC Chair and Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean says he supports Rep. Bernard Sanders' bid for a U.S. Senate seat from Vermont.

Bernard Sanders is a "a self-described socialist."

I said it a few weeks ago, and this just confirms it.
Obviously Right nails it again with this comment about DNC Chair Howard Dean:

You know, I think Dean is the perfect Democrat Party Chair. He says what most liberals think, but are too gutless to say.

The Palestinian version of a "Cease Fire"

Israel stops shooting while the Palestinians fire an anti-tank missile at a school bus full of children in a Gaza settlement.

Mr. Singleton has the roundup.

A move in the right direction...

Darth is truely moving away from the Dark Side...

"Oh, like funking US Constitution 101 every kept anybody out of office..."

I said that, but it's hardly an original concept.

Today's example comes from Say Anything Blog.
Aaron gives a lesson in US Constitution 101 to Senator Schumer (HCI-NY)

He corrects the only Senator from New York on just what Constitutional Checks and Balances are and why the Senate filibuster does not count as one.

In other words, “checks and balances” has nothing to do with the inner workings of the Senate, but rather it has to do with the relationship between the Senate [and the House] and the other two branches of the Federal Government.

Take the time to read the Constitution, and you will find that it says nothing about the filibuster.

Aaron sums up the democrat's argument quite nicely:
Next time you hear someone claim that banning the filibuster of judicial nominees in the Senate somehow upsets the concept of “checks and balances”, you now know they’re simply hoping for an ignorant audience.

SF Quote of the Day

Today's quote is from H. Beam Piper's 1963 classic SF novel "Space Viking." One of the themes discussed in the novel is how civilizations fall.

"I'm sorry, Prince Edvard. You had a wonderful civilization here on Marduk. You could have made almost anything of it. But it's too late now. You've torn down the gates; the barbarians are in."

This quote came to mind after reading this post about what is going on in Holland.

Wisconsin voter fraud still not an issue for the DNC/MSM

The case of wide spread voter fraud in Milwaukee is much stronger than the claims of voter fraud in Ohio, but since the democrat won in Wisconsin, it gets a pass from the DNC/MSM.

Michelle Malkin has a round up of the bloggers who have been covering the story while CNN/ABC/NBC/CBS/NY TIMES/LA TIMES turns a blind eye.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Food Blogging

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Chocolate Oatmeal Drop cookies I made for an Eagle Court of Honor last weekend.

Quote of the Day

"Western civilization + coffee = capitalism. Go caffeine!" -- John Nowak

Set the wayback machine...

...to one year ago, and you find a link to this post listing the principles shared by activists for reproductive rights and gun rights.
For example:

  • The right to self-defense against bodily harm or invasion.

  • The right to protect one's own physical integrity.

  • The right to personal autonomy and self-determination.

  • The right to make private choices regarding life decisions.

The similarities between abortion and armed self-defense don't end there. In either case, a woman is likely to confront a waiting period. She may have to apply for a permit, gain someone else's permission or offer proof of mental competence. Depending on where she lives, she may find her access to abortion and/or to a handgun sharply limited.
Many proponents of reproductive rights wish abortion were never necessary. Most gun-rights advocates would prefer to live in a world in which no woman should need a gun to ensure her safety. But as long as contraception fails, as long as rape occurs, as long as men abduct women, stalk ex-wives and girlfriends and threaten harm to their children, the options to choose an abortion and a gun must equally remain fundamental women's rights.
Both are rights worth fighting for.