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Monday, April 11, 2005

Real Voter Intimidation

John at Powerline points out there was real voter intimidation going on, and it wasn't the petty crap Kerry was whining about.

There were, of course, attempts at intimidation during last November's campaign. Organized gangs of Democrats carried out simultaneous attacks on more than ten Republican campaign offices around the country; in one of the attacks, a Republican campaign worker suffered a broken wrist. The door of a Republican campaign office in Arizona was smashed with a cinder block. In Oregon, Democrats made threatening calls to a Republican campaign office, walked into the office and tore up signs, and ultimately smashed the office's windows. In Colorado, there was an epidemic of vandalism by Democrats, including the smashing of a door in the home of a county Bush-Cheney chairman. We noted these and other incidents of violence by Democrats throughout the campaign. This isn't, of course, what Kerry means by "intimidation." We'll talk about the voter fraud another time.

Let's not forget the democrats who slashed the tires of vans rented by Republicans to drive voters to the polls.
Since I have a better understanding of history than Algore, I'd like to point out that these actions by democrats against Republicans are actual Brownshirt tactics.