Urbin Report

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Quick movie review

I watched Blade Trinity last night. I won't even touch the "Buffy with Bow" performance by Jessica Biel.

Wesley Snipes was, of course, badder than bad, which was way cool. Ryan Reynolds as the wisecracking ex-vampire vampire hunter was interesting, kinda what Van Wilder could have been 10 years after finally graduating college and things went really dark and nasty.

I'm still not sure if casting Parker Posey as the main female vampire heavy was brillant or the result of the casting director doing too much blow while watching Waiting for Guffman. She arguably did the finest bit of acting in the whole damn movie in the scene where the evil Drake asks her why she wears a cross.

Oh ya, when I saw Natasha Lyonne as the blind biotech genius, I kept waiting for her to talk about "doubleclicking her mouse."