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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Kerry going negative again

Polipundit points out Senator Kerry is looking for Negative stories from Iraq or the families of servicemen & women in Iraq.

The thing that first occurred to me when I read the Kerry email is that John Kerry did not seem the least bit interested in the stories of the amazing work that men and women in the U.S. military have been doing in Afghanistan and Iraq. He didn’t ask for stories of heroics and accomplishment. In fact, John Kerry did much to ignore and even downplay the accomplishments and successes of our military in Afghanistan and Iraq during the election.

Now, after the election, he still is not interested in those stories, but rather wants to hear stories of difficulties being suffered as a result of the policies of the evil Bushitler and the Neocons. He prefers to hear stories of our brave men and women and their families in the role of victim to hearing the stories of their amazing accomplishments over the past three years.

John Kerry is now professing an interest in helping the members of the military and their families. As the wife of a Marine Corps veteran, I am all for that. For the past several decades, however, Kerry has not exactly been known for his support of military spending. For that and quite a few other reasons, which were all discussed during the recent election, he is not popular with the military crowd.

One of the Polipundit readers replied to Senator Kerry with the following:
I’d like to share the story of my son’s service in Iraq. However, first, can I ask…won’t you share YOUR story by signing the SF-180 form to release your military records?

Yup, it's been 73 days since Senator Kerry promised to sign his 180 form, and to no one's surprise, he has yet to do so.
HT to Mr. Reynolds.

Update: Wil at Vodkapundit is joining the bandwagon asking Kerry to sign his 180 form.