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Friday, April 15, 2005

Interesting behavior

From what I can tell, it's not that DeLay has done anything illegal (say like purgery), it's merely his "unethical" behavior that democrats object to.
The object strongly enough that they want him to resign his leadership position. I can understand the dems wanting Delay out. He's a hard nosed SoB and a very effective member of the GOP leadership.

So, why are the democrats blocking the House Ethics Committee from meeting to review DeLay's ethical issues?

The best two theories are:
1. Keep Tom DeLay under an ethical cloud so the democrats can hammer him.
2. Keep democrat Jim McDermott from facing ethics charges stemming from him illegally taping a Republican member's cell-phone conversation.

Either one isn't pretty.

There is a third theory. The heart of the democrat's "ethical" issue with Tom DeLay is that his wife and daughter have been on his campaign reelection payroll for several years. According to Eric Pfeiffer of the National Review, what the dems want to keep quiet is that hiring family members and paying with campaign funds is Standard Operating Procedure for a lot of democrats (and a fair number of Republicans).

Of course, the usual suspects in the MSM are in bed with the DNC. Mr. Pfeiffer writes:

When the New York Times splashed its front-page with a story chronicling the campaign employment history of DeLay’s family it alluded to other members with similar staffing, but left out any significant names or numbers. Through selective word exclusion the Times left the strong impression that this practice is somehow illegal or at least unethical.

What the NY Times doesn't tell you is important. Quoting Mr. Pfeiffer again:
DNC Chair Howard Dean’s younger brother runs the website Democracy for America (DFA), which was created by Dean last year to help manage his presidential campaign. Dean’s younger brother Jim also worked for DFA in its earlier incarnation, Dean for America, during the 2004 presidential primaries. However, in a letter to supporters this week, DFA attacked Tom DeLay for having family members on his payroll.

In 2003, Barbara Boxer directed $15,000 from her political-action committee, “PAC For a Change,” to a consulting firm run by her son. The year before, she funneled $115,000 to the same firm.

Last year, Joe Lieberman paid his son Matthew $34,000 and daughter Rebecca $36,000 to work on his presidential campaign.

Also last year, Jon Corzine paid his daughter about $15,000 to work on his upcoming 2006 reelection campaign.

In fact, in 2001 it was Jesse Jackson Jr. who sought clarification from the Federal Election Commission to ensure Jackson was in good legal graces before hiring his wife to provide fundraising and organizational support to his campaign.

Other Democrats with family members on the payroll include Pete Stark, Bart Stupak, Jim Costa, Lincoln Davis, and Tim Bishop, amongst others.

Vermont congressman Bernie Sanders has paid his wife and daughter more than $150,000 in campaign consulting fees in the past several years.

Democrat Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid is well known for supporting his family with high-paid congressional pork projects. Firms associated with Reid’s son have taken in millions from bills authored and sponsored by Reid.

This is a very interesting, and damning, exclusion on the part of the NY Times, and the rest of the MSM/DNC who have willingly taken part in the blatant attempt at deception and misdirection of the truth.