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Thursday, April 28, 2005

democrat's dirty little secrets...

Byron York exposes one:

Well, I think that the dirty little secret of campaign finance has always been that Democrats are far more beholding and dependent on their multi-millionaire donors than Republicans are. Republicans have more donors in the small donor range, $200 and less, and Democrats have more donors in the million dollar plus range.

To give you an example of that: about two months after McCain-Feingold was passed, was signed into law, in other words about February of 2003, the three big Republican committees, the Republican National Committe and the two congressional committees took in about 19 million dollars in contributions (from small donors) in February of '03. The three big Democratic Committees took in 4 million dollars.

So that is why Democrats had to rely on the 527's as much and I don't think that will change very much in the future. I think Democrats are still going to be more beholding to mega donors and they're going to find ways to use that money regardless of whatever is passed as campaign finance reform.

Yet, democrats still try to put forth the myth that they are the party of The People.

Mr. York spills another of their dirty little secrets:
John Podesta often likes to speak of finding simple ideas that you can communicate simply -- that you can put on a bumper sticker -- and this Democrat told me the problem is not the bumper sticker. The problem is the car. In other words, the problem is the substance of Democratic ideas and it's something they certainly need to work on but whether they will remains to be seen.

Let's not hope this fellow Mr. York wrote about is not "mainstream left":
I discussed the ideas of a man named Mark Crispin Miller who's a writer and a professor at New York University and the ideas will just kind of blow you away if you listen to them or read them. He really believes that Bush is leading a covert effort to establish a theocracy in the United States based on the first five books of the Old Testament which will include things like death by stoning for adultery and things like that. It seems just kooky; I mean it really seems kooky. On the other hand, I do take him seriously and I believe that part of them actually believe this -- as wild and, you know, unattached from reality as this seems.

It seems that Mr. Miller and reality are on more than a trial seperation...

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