Urbin Report

Monday, April 18, 2005

Criminally stupid...

Instead of trying to trump up charges to villify Tom Delay in the MSM with, the democrats should be policing the idiots in their own party.

Leslie Bates points out this prime example of leftwing idioticy serving in Congress:

"U.S. Treasury securities have the ability to be paid under any circumstances based on the ability of the government to print money."

Thus spake Senator Jon Corzine, democrat from New Jersey.
Some of the left of center Senators with a clue (like Biden and Lieberman) should write the word "INFLATION" on some baseball bats and go educate Senator Corzine until the word sinks into his skull.
Of course, this is getting a pass from the MSM/DNC. Just imagine the coverage if a Republican had made such a stupid comment.