Urbin Report

Thursday, April 21, 2005

At least they are sticking to the talking points...

Driving around town this morning, I tuned in the local AM liberal talk radio (so you don't have to).
Stephanie Miller was doing her typical bad impression of an obnoxious morning drive time jock.
FYI, she is the one I wrote about either being incredibly ignorant or a flat out liar.

Today, between the bad sound effects and strained laughter over their own so-called "jokes", she used the term "deathwatch" while speaking of Tom Delay.
It's MNSHO that Howard Dean is getting more bang from his bucks with Gary Trudeau, who has been using that same term daily in his used-to-be-funny-but-now-is-lame comic strip. Trudeau certainly is reaching a wider audience.

Update: Some hard numbers on Err America ratings.

...Boston liberal talker shows anemic, miniscule 0.6 audience share in numbers released minutes ago. Conservative talker WTKK increases again to 4.3 from 4.1 share. Conservative WRKO steady with a 4.0. This is Boston we are talking about here!