Urbin Report

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Air American repeating the same lies...

I was flipping through the airwaves in the car today and caught the local AM Air America station (sunspots must be low, it was actually coming well from a station only 10 miles away).
First, it's hard to take 'em seriously when they use the same sound effects as a bad Morning Drive Time Shock Jock.
After the sound effects and laugh track, they started talking about new laws allowing the hunting of feral cats.
This is pretty much verbatim:

AA Jock 1: "Thanks to the NRA, we can know hunt with Uzis. High powered rounds for cats."

AA Jock 2: "Ya, AK-47 rounds that can shoot through a house.

Either these two are just incredibly ignorant about firearms, or they are knowingly repeating what they know are lies.
First off, the terms "Uzi" and "high powered rounds" don't go together. The Uzi, both the semi-automatic and fully automatic versions (fully automatic weapons require strict federal licencing since 1934) use the 9mm pistol round. If these AA Jocks supported US troops as much as they often claim to, they would know that one of the major complaints of the 9mm pistol used by US Military forces is it's poor stopping power.

Second, the AK-47 fires a 7.62x39mm round. Again, both the semi-automatic and fully automatic versions fire the same round.
Like the ammunition for most weapons in it's class, that is a medium powered rifle cartridge. It's much less powerful than the 7.62x51mm round fired by the US M-14 Battle Rifle or the .30-06 round fired by the US M-1 rifle used in WWII and the Korean War.
The Soviet 7.62x39 is a good varmint round, a passable deer round, but "shoot through a house"?

To make such nonsensical statements, the on-air "personalities" at Err America have to be woefully ignorant or are knowingly telling lies. Either one is not good.

Update: The Err America jocks spouting this tripe were Stephanie Miller and her sidekick Jim Ward.