Urbin Report

Thursday, March 24, 2005

More Civil Rights trampled on by the left...

In addition to the two democrat tire slashers and their effort to deny the Right to Vote to housebound Republicans, we now have democrats buying votes. Each one of those is a vote stolen from a voter who disagrees with the extreme left.

Five East St. Louis Democrats were charged in a scheme to buy votes in November's election in a federal indictment unsealed Wednesday.

An undetermined number of voters were paid $5 or $10 to cast a Democratic ballot in the Nov. 2 election, court records said. The money allegedly came from the St. Clair County Democratic Committee, though there was no indication the county committee knew how the funds would be used.

Federal prosecutors charged four Democratic committeemen and one precinct worker, a day after three other committeemen and a precinct worker pleaded guilty to related vote-buying charges in federal court.