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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Liberals and "Free Speech"

New Sisyphus points out that liberals view their ideas as worth of Free Speech and those who disagree are clearly doing something illegal and should be investigated and punished.
Some Money Quotes:

Since our time at the University of California we’ve noticed a constant among liberals everywhere: they simply cannot stand free speech unless they’re the only ones who get to speak. The rise of Fox News, conservative talk radio and the Blogosphere assaults the modern liberal’s sensibilities on so many levels, we are actually starting to believe it is literally driving them crazy.
You may be surprised to hear that the MSM “did a pretty good job of discerning” over the last year, given that the New York Times, CBS and the BBC all had to fire lead personnel over the fact that they just damn well made stuff up out of whole cloth in service to an obviously partisan political agenda. But then, if you’re reading this, your part of a dangerous sub-culture, aren't you?

And what, Senator, are we going to do about these dangerous people that keep disagreeing with the MSM and have the nasty habit of not keeping their ill-informed, non-making-stuff-up mouths shut? Here we see the cold iron of the liberal’s tendency to want to shut their opponents up that lies behind the calm façade and the Birkenstocks.
At the very least, their comments make it clear that, had they the power, they would now be using the full force and weight of the United States Department of Justice to shut you and us the hell up.

From campus speech codes, to stacked Sunday morning “news” shows to the smothering social pressure created by liberal racial politics and political correctness, liberals have shown that they cannot handle the free marketplace of ideas. Instead of dusting themselves off and throwing themselves back into the argument, they grasp for ways of declaring those they disagree with illegal.
conservatives merely think that liberals are wrong, while liberals think—really, actually think—that conservatives are evil.

And, hey, you’d do anything you could to stop evil, right?

Even if it means threatening their candidates, shooting up their campaign headquarters, lying to millions to discredit them or trying to steal elections.

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