Urbin Report

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Interesting data on the 2000 election is still popping up.

The nice folks over at Red State.org dug up this an interesting article from the Washington Post.
The key data from the article is:

Polidata's Clark Bensen said that Bush carried 255 congressional districts on his way to winning reelection last November, while Kerry won 180. The president captured 214 districts held by congressional Republicans and 41 districts that were won by Democratic House candidates. Just 18 of the districts that Kerry won are in GOP hands.

Doverspa of Redstate.org continues with more analysis of the political makeup of the country:
This is the first time in 60+ years that Republicans are as numerous as Democrats. Furthermore, since there are still more crossover Democrats (11% voted for Bush while 6% of Republicans voted for Kerry) and crossover Democratic Congressional Districts (41 Democratic CDs voted for Bush, 18 Republican CDs voted for Kerry), Republicans have a slight edge probably similar to the 51%-48% Presidential result.

This is good stuff. Stop by and read the whole thing.