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Monday, March 07, 2005

In their own words...

I previously wrote how left wing newspapers, like the Boston Globe, were hiding the details on much publicized incident of US soliders shooting at a car containing an Italian "journalist", that was traveling at high speeds and refused to stop at a US Military checkpoint.

The Captain has more details.
He sums up the reporter's own words quite well:

So they drove through Baghdad fast enough to almost lose control of the car, never slowed down as they approached a checkpoint they knew to be ahead, and the "rain of gunfire and bullets" apparently only hit two of the three people in the car -- hardly likely if the intent was to assassinate everyone in the vehicle. In fact, it sounds very close to the American version of the incident, in which the Italians failed to coordinate their movements with the military command protecting the single most dangerous road in Iraq, one on which numerous car-bomb attacks have been launched, and failed to approach a military checkpoint in a battle zone with caution and common sense.

Read the whole thing...

Cox & Forkum have a brilliant cartoon on this subject.