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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Followup to Memogate Part 2

I had posted about Hindrocket's questions about a so-called Talking Points Memo anonymously distributed to Congressional Republicans.

The Big Trunk has a followup. One of his readers tells him:

I worked on the Hill for some time and now work for the State Department. The SOP for moving memos around is that you have a cover sheet that has a "distribution" list on it. Also on the cover sheet is a "Drafter" space where you enter the person's name who drafted the Memo. You cannot just walk around distributing memos to people on the hill. There is a strict protocol on how staffers/interns deliver memos to another congressman's office.

This appears to be an anomaly. I cant say that it is fake. But it most certainly does not mesh with the SOP of moving memos around. I would love to see the actual memo.

It's obvious that the DNC is too cheap to pay Carville's fees. You would never see this kinda of sloppy work from him!