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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Examing the bottom line of MemoGate Part 2

Hindrocket takes the issue down the basics:

So: An anonymous Democratic Senator tells us that an anonymous Republican Senator gave the document to an anonymous Democratic Congressman, who passed it on to anonymous Democratic aides, who gave it to reporters. That certainly clears up any doubts about the memo! And, oh, by the way, where did the Repuublican Senator supposedly get the memo? From a Democratic staffer? A reporter? A lobbyist? Who knows?

Kurtz notes, but does not pursue, some of the reasons we have advanced suggesting that the document is a fake. No one he interviewed explained how or why the memo was revised to eliminate four typographical errors after it was first reported by ABC, but before it was leaked by Democrats on Capitol Hill to a liberal web site. And no one he interviewed explained why Republicans would either create or circulate a document suggesting that the party was seeking political gain from the Schaivo case--a claim that is a Democratic talking point, but certainly not a Republican one.

As I said to Howard Kurtz, "The content of the memo tells me it wasn't prepared to benefit the Republican Party, it was prepared to benefit the Democratic Party."

This is sounding more and more like the left making shit up and repeating the lie over and over again.
Read the whole thing, there is a fair amount of MSM and democrat weasling going on.