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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Even more on Memogate Part 2

Michelle Malkin joins the fray.
She gets to the heart of the matter:

...the two key questions at issue--namely, (1) who wrote the memo and (2) who distributed the memo to Republican senators.

Bottom line: We still don't know who wrote the memo. We still don't know who distributed it. ABCNews.com still hasn't retracted its unsubstantiated characterization of the memo as "GOP Talking Points." ABC still has not acknowledged that Kate Snow misspoke. The Post still hasn't acknowledged that it wrongly implied that the memo was written and/or distributed by Republicans.

And all the other editorial writers, columnists, and pundits, from Chris Matthews to Cynthia Tucker to the Boston Globe editorial board, who stated explicitly that Republicans distributed the memo, still have not noted that the two news outlets that broke the story--ABC News and the Post--no longer say the memo was circulated by Republicans.