Urbin Report

Monday, February 14, 2005

Comparing Pundits

A recent panel discussion included pundits from the left and right. The panel included two female talk radio hosts.
From the right, the national syndicated Laura Ingraham. From the left, Air America (heard in what, three cities?) host Janeanne Garafalo.

Let's compare bios here:
Ms. Ingraham has a law degree, served as a White House speach writer, was a Supreme Court Law Clerk and made a living as a criminal defense attorney. She also has several best selling books on politics to her credit.

Ms. Garafalo has appeared in a series of truely awful movies. The best of the pack being her role as "The Bowler" in Mystery Men. Prior to moving to the left coast, she did standup in the Northeast. I remember seeing her in comedy club in Cambridge. Most of her act consisted of her whining about having no money and how her college education wasn't doing her any good. It seems that it still isn't.

As for Err America, heed the words of Triump the Insult Comic Dog, "I own a conch shell with more listeners."

HT to Mr. Harris for the on target Triump quote.