Urbin Report

Monday, January 24, 2005

True 10 years ago and true today...

From David Horowitz & Peter Collier's book Deconstructing the Left:

Among academic intellectuals, the leading philosophical doctrines—Marxism(!), structuralism, deconstruc-tionism, etc.—are rooted in intellectual and political traditions that gave rise to Nazism and Communism, the twin scourges of the 20th century. The thrust of these doctrines is to question and deconstruct democratic traditions and values, to instill a sense of moral relativism and moral equivalency, and to question objectivity and truth itself. In this atmosphere of distortion and propaganda, America's tolerance and freedom are indistinguishable from totalitarian force. It is hardly an accident that the university-based intelligentsia has been the center of relentless attacks on America's national security apparatus and its policies for the last 25 years