Urbin Report

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

More on voter "irregularities" in Milwaukee

Captain Ed points out that over 1,200 votes in the last presidential election in Milwaukee came from voters at non-existent address.
Don't forget that 8,300 more votes were cast than the number of people recorded by the city as voting.
Read the whole thing. He does sum it up well though...

There's little doubt that the individual voters committed election fraud. Normally, one would say that it doesn't prove a conspiracy to throw an election. However, the numbers of unaccountable voters here have added up to a significant portion of the Milwaukee election -- four percent overall -- and it looks like more than just a collection of petty frauds. That doesn't even count the fact that almost a third of all Milwaukee voters registered on Election Day, an astronomical number. Something stinks in Milwaukee, and it ain't the cheese.