Urbin Report

Thursday, January 20, 2005

More liberal double Standards

As our friends at the Media Research Center point out:

By the standard applied on NBC's The West Wing, President George W. Bush won in a "landslide." In a 2002 episode following the re-election of "President Josiah Bartlet," one of his top aides, "Communications Director Toby Ziegler" stated that he won by "three-and-a-half million" votes and later proclaimed that "we won in a landslide." Bush won by about 3.3 million votes, pretty close to "three-and-a-half million."
During the November 20, 2002 episode, Toby Ziegler, played by Richard Schiff, tells a Congresswoman who lost a close re-election that "Bartlet" won by "three and a half million" votes. "Ziegler" wanted to nominate her for Director of the National Park Service, but "Chief-of-Staff Leo McGarry" shoots down the idea, pointing out that the Republican-controlled Senate will not approve her. That prompts "Ziegler" to urge a fight for nominees opposed by the Republican Senate: "Start getting used to the fact that we won in a landslide. We can show some fight on this."
The liberal White House on The West Wing represents Hollywood's dream of a presidency they'd like to see. Little did they know they'd end up endorsing the idea that a right of center President earned a mandate by achieving the same vote margin as their fictional President.