Urbin Report

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Moore bodyguard arrested with an illegal handgun

Crockumentary maker Michael Moore's bodyguard (insert the fat joke of your choice) was arrested at JFK airport for carrying a firearm without a valid licence.

Captain Ed sounds off on this oh so common hypocrisy from the extremist left.

So while Moore wants to deny the right of ordinary Americans to defend themselves with firearms, he has his entourage packing heat? Not only does Moore expose himself as a hypocrite, but he's not a particularly smart one, either. Most gun owners know not to carry their weapons into an airport, licensed or not. It's part of the responsibility of gun ownership that NRA members, for instance, take seriously.

I'm sure that we will hear endless rationalizations about how Moore receives security threats all the time and needs protection. Does that mean the Second Amendment only applies to Hollywood stars? Does Moore deserve more protection than a lower-income family living in a gang-infested neighborhood? I have no problem with Moore having firearms for his protection. I just wish that Moore and others of his ilk would quit carping about others who want the same right without being accused of being bloodthirsty, Dirty Harry wannabes.