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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

CBS Bias still there...

From the Washington Times:

"On 'Fox News Sunday,' Brit Hume marveled at how the first 'Face the Nation' after the CBS panel's report documented the network's hostility to President Bush devoted the entire show to Sen. Ted Kennedy, who made a speech earlier in the week railing against Bush policies," the Media Research Center reports at www.mediaresearch.org.
"Hume noted that the White House offered Communications Director Dan Bartlett and CBS said, 'thank you, no' — peculiar behavior for people who were only recently saying they wanted to make a, quote, 'fresh start' with the White House."
"[Bob] Schieffer and co-panelist Dan Balz, a Washington Post reporter, tossed a series of softballs to Kennedy, prompting him for his 'reaction' to Bush's claims. Balz echoed Senate Democrats: 'Given the legal advice that Alberto Gonzales provided that led to some of these [prisoner abuse] scandals, are you going to vote to confirm him or will you oppose him to be the next attorney general?' "