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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Some lefties get it...

...as Right Wing Sparkle points out. Here is some comments by John Steward and her responses:

"When you're on the losing side, the first thing to do is consider the concession and conciliation speech -- and then blame systematic voter fraud. First you reach out, then you put on your tinfoil hat, talk to the black helicopters and try not to swallow the fact that more people agreed with the other guy."

He is making the obvious point that many lefties just can't get their mind wrapped around the fact that more people voted for Bush.

"The electoral map looks almost exactly as it did in 2000, and yet you would imagine, from the expert post-election media "analysis," that there was some cataclysmic shift, that somewhere out of the ground in Idaho and Montana a mass of survivalist fundamentalist End of Days Christians appeared from Middle-Earth to vote."

This is so true. The media wanted to make this out to be some sort of Christian revolution, when in fact the same ole church goers voted as they did in 2000. And they didn't come from middle earth or their heavily stocked bomb shelter beneath their house.

"So the one truism that emerges from all of this is that there continues to be zero accountability in the press. There is not a profession in the world where you can be that wrong, that consistently, and still continue to practice your job with greater job security than before."

Amen brother.

Of course, Al Franken doesn't get it at all...