Urbin Report

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Where is the outrage?

Maidenjedi asks a few damn good questions:

If a white Republican, or more specifically a Southern Republican, drew the cartoons of Condi that have been published, there'd be hell to pay.

It's racism, pure and simple. It's reducing her to a stereotype.

I think it's sick and I want to know where the outrage is. Where's the NAACP calling for these cartoonists' jobs and skins? Where's NOW or the Feminist Majority when she's ridiculed on the basis of her gender?

Why do organizations that clamor for equality and more importantly fair treatment simply not show up when it's not someone on "their side"?

She links to Michelle Malkin's on target comment:
As Dr. Rice's star rises, expect even uglier attacks. There's nothing the Left hates more than a "person of color" who is a person of substance and stature and intellect and independence first.