Urbin Report

Friday, November 26, 2004

They don't just get it...

I'm not a big Rush fan, but Mr Limbaugh has a good summary of their problem:

"Democrats cannot look forward now; they look back to the souplines of 1930s. They have positioned themselves to only gain when America fails, economically and militarily. What is good for America is bad for them; and what is bad for America, they say, benefits their political gains. Gephardt said each 100 point decline in the Stock Market would result in a seat in the House of Congress. During their 40-year monopoly (of Congress), they became fat, lazy, and assuming. Partisan press enabled them with their biased support, and they were never challenged. They did not have to debate and defend their positions."

The most important thing for people like Al Franken to understand is that they have become the party of bigotry and reaction. Because they think of themselves as progressives even though they have no new ideas, because the ideas they do have are to cling to the past, they are unable to make a reasoned argument in defense of their positions. That's why they label everything they disagree with "lies." Franken has written an entire book about policies and people he disagrees with and called it "Lying Lies and the Liars Who Tell Them." That's why his brain is probably beyond repair.

HT to David Horowitz.