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Monday, November 01, 2004

Some more MSM bias

From a NY Post Editorial:

If President Bush is re-elected tomorrow, the victory will have come despite the best efforts of two erstwhile American journalistic icons — the Grey Lady of Times Square and Edward R. Murrow's Tiffany Network: The New York Times and CBS News.

If nothing else, the notion that "objectivity" animates America's media elite has been exposed this year for what it truly is — at best, a quaint myth; at worst, a pernicious lie. . . .

To be sure, CBS and the Times are hardly alone in skewing their coverage for Kerry and against Bush. As The Hotline, the widely read online campaign newsletter, reported Friday: "By any measure, the free media is overwhelmingly in Kerry's favor today."

But those two news outlets have stood out as the worst offenders.

HT to Mr. Reynolds