Urbin Report

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Translating the liberal code

Redstate.org clears up the Kerry/Edwards fetish with the Vice-President's daughter:

Let's be perfectly clear on why this is happening. The two candidates on the Dem ticket didn't simply happen to bring up Mary Cheney ex nihilo -- they did so as part of a calculated effort to peel some small portion of Bush's base away from him. That portion being, presumably, the gay-hating ignorants who also watch televised 90-minute campaign events. This is surely a vanishingly small demographic. The sub rosa message? "Look, this Bush guy's running mate -- he has a lesbian daughter. You gonna vote for that?" Appalling in itself, and a stark reminder of the hypocrisy at the core of the Kerry-Edwards campaign. They're against the war, but they'll win it; they'll mock allies, but they're for alliances; and they're for tolerance, except when they can subtly appeal to bigotry to squeeze out a few more votes. A sterling example for America -- John Kerry's dying mother, rasping out a final exhortation to "integrity," would doubtless be proud.