Urbin Report

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Remember: There is no ban on stem-cell research of any kind.

As the Captain reminds us, the left constantly lies about this topic as well.

Let's review this one more time:

1. There is no ban on stem-cell research of any kind.
2. There is no ban on embryonic stem-cell research of any kind. Anyone can do all the embryonic stem-cell research they want.
3. Federal funding is available on a limited basis for embryonic stem-cell research.

The Kerry campaign continues to either implicitly or explicitly accuse the Bush administration of benightedly banning medical research, when it simply is untrue. If embryonic stem-cell research was economically promising, then pharmaceuticals and other for-profit ventures would be jumping into the market. The truth is that adult stem-cell research has proven more valuable and that is where the private funding has gone, including for diabetes research and product development. Actual therapies for diabetes are being tested using HSC (adult stem cells), despite the melodramatic syringe-bearing father of the child.

He also points out that it's Kerry with the ties to the big pharmaceutical companies. Read the whole thing.