Urbin Report

Friday, October 22, 2004

Ok, he's really bad at history too...

CD Harris points out that the worst of the living ex-presidents, one James Earl Carter III, has a poor grasp of history as he did the Presidency:

Former President Jimmy Carter is (once again) working overtime to undermine the reputation he's built for himself as America's finest ex-President. Now he's arguing that the Revolutionary War is akin to the insurgency in Iraq because both were "un-necessary".

He's also somehow gotten the strange (especially for an 'historian') notion in his head that the Revolutionary War "until recently, [was] the most bloody war we've fought." One would think an 'historian' would know that the Revolutionary War cost about 5,000 colonials' lives, a figure fives times our casualties in Iraq but one which is nonetheless "dwarfed" (as Captain Ed so aptly put it) by the 407,000 Americans who died in World War II or the 600,000 American casualties in the War Between The States.