Urbin Report

Monday, September 13, 2004

The Timing

One thing that has bother me about Rathergate is the timing. Not the timing of the release of the alleged memo copies to CBS News, but the time the memos were allegedly written.
In 1972 & 1973, Nixon was putting the US Military though a massive Reduction In Force. They were forcing people who wanted to stay in to retire.
Full time, active Reserves personnel were being transferred to the inactive Reserves with "don't call us, we'll call you" orders.
Other pilots in the TANG at the time have come out saying that there were more pilots than planes and anybody who wanted out and had a halfway reasonable excuse (going to graduate school was one acceptable reason) was given a Honorable Discharge. They were solving the Personnel Officer's problem for him.
In this case, GWB was an officer trained on an aircraft that was being actively phased out of active service.
The TANG had more pilots than planes and staring at a major reduction in federal funds due to the ongoing RIF.
Why would an effort be made to force a pilot to stay in the TANG, when the SOP at the time was to actively reduce the number of pilots?