Urbin Report

Friday, September 17, 2004

Still AWOL!

That the best description of how Senator Kerry has avoided any serious press interviews since the DNC.
For someone who said he would hold monthly major press conferences, this is pretty lame.
He has put in long face in front of a national audience exactly twice since the DNC shut down the city of Boston.
The first time was on the fricking Daily Show! He expects us to take him seriously why?

The second time was a slow pitch session on the Don Imus radio show. In case you missed it, Imus' lips are so firmly placed on Kerry's ass, it looks like Kerry is wearing his cowboy hat.

C.D. Harris has a good review of that so-called interview.

At least Imus has more sense than Senator Kerry:

He then as much as promised that his Administration would find a place for Madeleine Albright. Just what we need. Imus showed more sense, noting she'd be "a huge mistake."