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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Rathergate Part 5

Protein Wisdom sums up the Liberal MSM response.

It’s official. The Boston Globe purposely misled its readers. Hell, who am I kidding?—the Globe outright lied. Bill INDC has the scoop:
I just interviewed Dr. Bouffard again, and he’s angry that the Globe has misrepresented him. He’s been getting hate mail and nasty phone calls since last night’s story was posted, and he wants me to correct the record. He did not change his mind, and he and his colleagues are becoming more certain that these documents are forgeries [emphasis in original].

Read the whole thing.

I’m with Dean on this: how am I ever supposed to trust the mainstream media again?

Face it, folks: this story is no longer about George Bush’s Air National Guard record. It’s about those in the mainstream media who have made the turn toward bald-faced political advocacy—about a willingness on the part of certain media members to manipulate stories for maximum impact, so long as the narrative they ultimately proffer serves their peculiar idea of the greater good. In short, this is the postmodern turn at its most cynical.

Well, we’re on to you, you gaggle of ink-stained Derrideans. And all I can say is, thank God Al Gore invented the internet…

Byron York looks at the CBS documents and compares them with actual TANG documents written about the President and his service in the TANG.

Powerline has a great animated gif that flips between a Rathergate document and one created with MS-Word.
Don't forget to check out the flash animation showing how to create your very own early 1970's TANG documents using MS-Word!

There is also this simple item, the original documents can be tested for age!
Of course, Powerline is all over this.